Has He Offended Someone?

This morning, I heard “Copycat” on the radio, the song that will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Festival:

Belgium being Belgium, its Eurovision Song Contest candidate is being elected in turn yearly, between the Flemish and the Wallonian region. This year it’s the Wallonian’s turn, and so the Flemish press is kind of “hush hush, who cares anyway” about it.

The Flemish Elvis-fan-club “ElvisMatters” however was so outraged, they decided to send a letter to the organisation of the festival, demanding a disqualification because the song’s lyrics include the phrase “he’s too fat to rock ’n’ roll” and because, well, it’s an overall mockery of The King.

Now I don’t give a shit about that festival, but I think it’s a wonderful piece of satire, and funny too! Should be a winner!

What do you think? You decide! Vote now:

• If you like the song, comment with: Thinga-mah-ding!
• If you don’t like it, comment with: Quongo-quongo!

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14 thoughts on “Has He Offended Someone?”

  1. Copycat Elvis gets two quangoes down.
    But the Pig Elvis in me would like
    to give the back-up singer on the right,
    two thinga-mah-dings up.

  2. This kind of musical sartire reminds me of the dutch band “Gruppo Sportivo”. Anybody remembers this band? “My manager is very young and very wise, he says protect your teeth by daily excersie …” And there is even a relationship to FZ because Hans Vandenburg used a tune of his within the final song on “Back To 78”.


  3. In 1983 the Belgiums were sublime as well with a group called Rendez-vous. The lyrics consisted off 1 sentence of 10 words that was repeatedly sung.

    By the way, Gruppo Sportivo did the instrumental song Take your clothes off when you dance (but with an altered chord progression) as an ‘intro’ of the song Superman. Here they are live in my hometown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRPDha6BxEU

    Oh, Thinga-mah-ding. And ever listened to The King, a German Elvis who sings hits of dead rock legends like Kurt Coban? Brilliant!

  4. [quote comment=”4555″]In 1983 the Belgiums were sublime as well with a group called Rendez-vous. The lyrics consisted off 1 sentence of 10 words that was repeatedly sung.[/quote]
    Yes! That was Pas-de-Deux with a tune called “Rendez-Vous”, and my 12-year-old self loved it. Obligatory YT link here. After all these years, I still kind of like the song.

  5. Ho-hum…
    Quongo-mah-ding: a luke-warm feeling regarding this one.
    (“Crazy Lil Thing Called Love” strikes deeper with moi.)

  6. Since we’re driving down memory lane, I recall a band that has all you want when it comes to Elvis imitators and then some. Here’s a recipe to quench your thrist. Add one part Elvis, one part Led Zeppelin, stir in a little reggae and I give you “DREAD ZEPPELIN”!
    Yet another obligatory yt link!
    I’ve seen this band live. They rock. Even Robert Plant admits to having one of their cds!

  7. I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise that I was a Dread Zeppelin fan in the early nineties… I used to listen to Un-Led-Ed and “5,000,000* *Tortelvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong”, which I think are great. I even went to see them in Buenos Aires in 1991.
    I must have lost them cd’s in one of my movings; I checked in the library recently but they only have their last album, Bar Coda, which is incredibly boring…

  8. I owned Un-Led-Ed (cassette, also good for suicidal bungee jumpers)as well. And I’m pretty sure I know the “friend” who never returned it to me! But that’s the way it rolls with lending music & books.
    My Dread Zep days were during the ’90s as well. Apparently, they are celebrating their 20th year. I think TortElvis is a genuis for chosing the jump-suit era Elvis, insuring his ability to gain as much weight as he sees fit (or unfit), as the years go on. I loved Un-Led-Ed (I’ll find another copy somewhere). I am ashamed to say I never looked deeper into their catalog. But, I am enjoying the videos on boobtube.
    So . . . as far as redirecting my brain toward the Dreaded Zeppelin, all I can say Sharl is, (think Bob Marley) I-Rey & (think Elvis) thank you very much.

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