Has He Offended Someone?

This morning, I heard “Copycat” on the radio, the song that will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Festival:

Belgium being Belgium, its Eurovision Song Contest candidate is being elected in turn yearly, between the Flemish and the Wallonian region. This year it’s the Wallonian’s turn, and so the Flemish press is kind of “hush hush, who cares anyway” about it.

The Flemish Elvis-fan-club “ElvisMatters” however was so outraged, they decided to send a letter to the organisation of the festival, demanding a disqualification because the song’s lyrics include the phrase “he’s too fat to rock ’n’ roll” and because, well, it’s an overall mockery of The King.

Now I don’t give a shit about that festival, but I think it’s a wonderful piece of satire, and funny too! Should be a winner!

What do you think? You decide! Vote now:

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