Elvis Has Just Left The Building

Have you ever wondered where Frank Zappa got his inspiration for his song, “Elvis Has Just Left The Building” which appeared on his 1988 Broadway the Hard Way album?

While watching a cover of “Elvis Has Just Left The Building” by The Foolz at their October 10th, 2009 show at Westerwälder Hof in Gebhardshain, Germany (clip above), I uncovered a track by one J D Sumner entitled, “Elvis Has Left The Building” (clip below). I can just imagine FZ busting a gut listening to that song – it had everything in it that FZ despised about America’s right wing religious evangelism (warning: keep a barf bag nearby).

Also, while surfing Elvis’ heartland, I came across this little gem – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (if any mother needs a Cadillac, she the one):

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4 thoughts on “Elvis Has Just Left The Building”

  1. ‘…By then, he had the ‘Colonel’, to fuck the boy in every hole he had.’

    Oh man, that video is just priceless. Who knows if Frank every saw it? But it doesn’t matter – he didn’t need to see it. This kind of thing is hardly unique, particularly in the southern part of the US. People who live in civilized countries would be amazed at how many households had – and still have – just two pictures on the tar paper walls: JEEZUZ and ELVIS. Really. Big Purple Chair, too.

  2. [quote post=”4126″]I’m just hoping, praying, asking the good Lord that this is fake.[/quote]

    oh, it’s very real my friend. Along the same lines, check out The King himself in a song that was only a minor hit here in the ‘States, called ‘US MALE’. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueVJ-wriH3Y]

    sample lyric: ‘You touch her once with yo’ greasy hands, I’m gonna stretch yo’ neck like a long rubber band.’ yee haw paw

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