Gruppo Sportivo — Live @ P60, Holland, 2008

The Band:
Hans Vandenburg – guitar/leadvocal
Peter Calicher – vocals/keys
Max Mollinger – drums
Joris Lutz – bass
Lies Schilp – (lead)vocals
Inge Bonthond – (lead)vocals

Gruppo Sportivo, a Dutch pop band from The Hague, formed in 1976, enjoyed some measure of international success in the late 1970s and 1980s. They specialized in combining familiar rock riffs with outrageous humor. Their satirical parodies of pop music and occasional humorous cultural commentary gave them a cult following.

Both videos, “Beep Beep Love” and “Superman is Back” are from ‘Live @ P60 Amstelveen, Holland, 24 Oct 2008’.

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Tip of the hat to Roland.

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3 thoughts on “Gruppo Sportivo — Live @ P60, Holland, 2008”

  1. Thank you urbangraffito, this is a real gem to me. I have seen Gruppo Sportivo 5 times “live” (end of the 70´s and beginning of the 80´s) – they we´re always a laugh and had a good show to offer. And when I listened to my freshly bought “Back To 78” vinyl the first time, I couldn´t believe that they included FZ´s “Take your clothes off …”.

    “Tok-y-o, I´m on my way – and in my new Toyota it´s not so far away.”

    You have made my day, urbangraffito !

  2. In 1980 Gruppo Sportivo released their album “Copy Copy” which included the song “Don´t count on me”. The song deals with the same topic as “I don´t wanna get drafted”, which was released as a single the same year. Another reference to FZ, apart from “Take your clothes of …”. I´m so happy, that I still have my vinyl collection.

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