La Cucaracha Esta de Fiesta

Does humor belong in music? Course it does!
I have received just yesterday Ween’s last release “La Cucaracha” as a present from Barry (thanks honey!)
Once again, the band at its best, taking the shit out of almost any genre (including: house!) and delivering impeccably.

However I must warn you, this is one of those “either you get it or you don’t” sorta things.
Unlike other petulant musicians, Gene and Dean don’t mind about fansites offering online a bunch of unofficial mp3’s. They know that’s how people get hooked to their music! If you are completely new to them, pick for instance “The Golden Eel”, “Bananas and Blow”, “Flutes Of The Chi”, “The Mollusk”, “These Nuts” to have a taste.
The band’s official website is regularly updated by Dean Ween, who also keeps a weblog: Brownietroop -have to sign up to be able to read- with a personal diary and fishing report. By the way, they are currently producing a fishing show where you can enjoy their exquisite music: SKUNKED.
I love these guys!

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  1. [quote post=”66″]I have received just yesterday Ween’s last release “La Cucaracha” as a present from Barry (thanks honey!)[/quote]
    My pleasure honey! Now pass me the disc so I can add it to my iTunes library! 😀

    As a Ween fan myself, I’m equally delighted with the new release. This is music that’ll make you smile, if not laugh out loud. Brilliant little tunes ranging from country to techno to full blown prog rock. Shall we take ourselves seriously…?

  2. Someone had to literally shove “Chocolate & Cheese” up my ass to get me into them. You can’t deny the ‘sped-up’ vocals give off flashbacks to “WOIIFTM”! Of course, I had to buy EVERYTHING they made! I used to think they were just an R-rated They Might Be Giants, but they’re so much more!

  3. Barr, what do women want? I don’t know, I’m not smart enough. I cn’t read the message behind the present.

    In this Ween present case I would say: Sharl just wants to visit Amsterdam.
    Ween concert : Thursday 15-May , Amsterdam Paradiso,

    And in case she would say: no this was actually not my secret message. What to do?
    You just start laughing, mildly and ten seconds later you take the attitude of somebody who knows better : i e
    – both calm in an almost olympic way and
    – slightly self glorifying.
    Be sure you’ll end up in A’dam mid May.

    bernard, the pilchard

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