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Dortmund ’79

If it’s Friday this must be the Friday Boot! We’re off to Germany again: Dortmund, 25 March 1979.
The FZ Tape Reviewing Society says:

(…) it’s in FZ’s City Of Tiny Lites solo where the show comes to life. This is the first Outside Now jam in circulation, with FZ mulling over a phrase he also played a lot in 1980 which ended up in The Radio Is Broken. This is also the debut of the “vampless” Easy Meat, and possibly the best of this last week of ’79, despite the lack of Catholic Girls.

Brest ’79

This week’s Friday Boot takes us to France — Brest, March 21st 19th 1979, to be exact. To quote the FZTRS:

All this, *and* it’s got A- sound! An essential show to have in your collection, and perhaps the funniest of the entire 79 tour.