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Bad Doberan, ’03

One weekend with Ike Willis at the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany (2003):

This is the trailer for an upcoming documentary which looks to be pretty cool.

Ben Takes A Photo Of Himself Everyday

Sure he does.

Fraggle Rock

Meanwhile, here’s what Ahmet Zappa is up to these days: producing a feature-length Fraggle Rock movie.

Zappa — a musician and TV personality who will serve as the project’s executive producer — is developing a treatment in which puppet stars Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red will travel from beneath the Rock and venture into the human world for the first time.

The World’s Greatest Sinner

as hosted on Google Video.

The Burroughs-Ponty Connection

… and that would be witchcraft:

The original satanic footage here is from a 1922 silent film which was re-released in 1968 with a soundtrack by Jean-Luc Ponty and narration by Burroughs. Either the 1922 original or the 1968 re-release was titled Superstition: Middle Ages and Now.

For Betterment Of Kazachstan!

YouTube & Warner Strike Music Licensing Deal

Yes indeed:

Under the deal, Warner Music has agreed to license its songs to the people who upload their videos to YouTube. Meaning that any video producer can now legally use Warner Music in their videos as theme or background music, or even produce alternative videos for Warner songs.

… and you know whose music is licensed under Warner, right?
More at Tech Crunch.

Baby Snakes On The Big Screen

Zappa fans living in or around Santa Monica are in luck: the local Aero Theatre is screening 1979’s “Baby Snakes” next Thursday — with Gail Zappa on hand to discuss the movie. Other classic rock documentaries planned for showing are “Don’t Look Back”, “Gimme Shelter” and “Woodstock”.

When Woody Met Billy

Woody Allen interviews Rev. Billy Graham, ca. ’69:

(…and here’s part two)

Who’s On First

This one’s for Dr Sharleena!

Hörrrski Börrr!

Who doesn’t love the Muppets’ Swedish Chef?

Hungry Freaks, Daddy!

Time for some tasty surrealism. Watch all three parts of Jan Svankmajer’s stop-motion film Food on YouTube:

(Via WFMU where QT-versions of the clips are available)


In De Gloria: only a couple years old but this Flemish TV-satire is already a cult-classic. I bought the DVD-box recently and once again laughed myself silly at this sketch:

American Splendor, Again

Yesterday we watched American Splendor once again (previous reportage here). It’s really become one of my favorite movies — quaint, funny, slightly surreal and featuring an excellent Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar who, as it turns out, has a blog (last updated October 28 ’03!). In the film there’s some footage of Pekar on the David Letterman show, where he appeared several times, and was generally treated as an amusing freakazoid weirdo. Might YouTube have a clip? Sure enough, and in it Letterman’s being an ass:

Bonus clip from the movie: Toby explains the importance of the 80s comedy “Revenge Of The Nerds” to Harvey.

Run Da Vinci, Run!

Woops! Life’s a box of chocolates indeed:

Several whistles instead of applause were all that greeted the end of Ron Howard’s 125-million-dollar film, and worse than that, the 2,000-strong audience even burst out laughing at the movie’s key moment.