Lukewarm Poop From November 27th through November 29th

2 Responses to “Lukewarm Poop From November 27th through November 29th”

  1. Brad Henserling says:

    UBU Web is incredible. Zappa reading Burroughs is great, but there are a ton of fantastic recordings on there. The more you dig, the more you’ll be rewarded. Among my favorites are the Marshall Mcluhan interview/conversation with Dick Cavett, Gayle Sayers, Al Hirt and Truman Capote:
    Not to mention John Cage meets Sun Ra:

    Highly recommended site.

  2. Hugh says:

    I loved the Cavett interview on Mcluhan was riffing like a g-spot tornado. It was great how Mcluhan took over, yet involved everyone in the conversation. Thanks Brad. Nice link.

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