Frank Zappa Radio Spots

“It’s Halloween. Ding ding ding. Your doorbell rings. A chorus of small really weird voices yell “Trick or Treat”. Will you then turn the tables on your young visitors and offer them your own version of Trick or Treat? Will you give them teeth damaging cookies, candy and other sugary offerings – the trick – or the healthy treats of nuts, fruit, or popcorn maybe?”

This week something completely different… a veritable cornucopia of FZ album promos, anti-drug messages and weird stuff in general. So, Suzy Speedfreak, settle back and listen to the voice of your conscience

10 Responses to “Frank Zappa Radio Spots”

  1. xorg says:

    Remington Electric Shaver! What a gem!

  2. Duncan says:

    Forgive my pedantry but the first item is from 1968 not 1966.

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Tis only human to make typo’s (or to be a pedant ;) ) — thanks for the correction Duncan, entry updated.

  4. Magic Fingers says:

    Actually Duncan, my excuse was gonna be that I was very very drunk when I typed out the track lists, as Barry will testify, but actually my original info would appear to be wrong, so ta indeed for the correction.

  5. Jamez says:

    If only I coulda seen Zappa when he was alive!

  6. xorg says:

    Further pedantry: Jamez – have you seen him since he’s been dead?

  7. urbangraffito says:

    Magic Fingers — you certainly serve up the best finger foods around. Radio may be an ugly medium, but here at Kill Ugly Radio, it might even keep you from getting busted!

  8. Jamez says:

    Xorg- No I haven’t it wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

  9. jim says:

    Ugly indeed … but still not quite as ugly as a certain medium I used to work in. I recall playing the “Six-Dildo-Bob” rant on one of my shows … a station that was still playing promos on 8-tracks, in 1999 … & the joys of going to that grungy little studio, conveniently located directly over an open-air Smack/Coke/Crack-Mart … ahh, the bad old days!

    Close your eyes & you can almost see the tiny dangerous orchestra sweating & twitching in spastic raptures of tonal groovyness.

    For me, all the adjectives heading that Clapton post are STILL not enough to adequately do justice to the Remington Electric Razor opus … yep, I must be Dumb All Over: now I want one!

    “These aren’t the promos you’re looking for.”

    These aren’t the promos I’m looking for.

  10. jane23 says:

    Beautiful, I love it.

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