Düsseldorf ’82

Aah Germany. The beer, the sauerkraut, the erh… So hey, this week’s Friday Boot comes to us from Düsseldorf — 22 May 1982 to be exact. Enjoy!

9 Responses to “Düsseldorf ’82”

  1. bernard says:

    I do not particularly like people who do not like Germany or who are limiting themselves to cliches such as beer & sauerkraut.
    Things like : ” Everybody knows that Belgians get up early in the morning to eat frites ( = french fries) , Germans: exactly the same for sauerkraut”.

    Take FZ. Who provided him with an awful lot of money allowing him to implement his latest ideas ( amongst others Yellow Shark)? The Germans.

  2. BillyDaMt says:

    Coolio, another show I ain’t yet got.
    I will be all over this one after work :O)

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Bernard: I was waiting to see who would bite the bait — looks like we have a winner… :)

  4. timmo says:

    is that all there is?

  5. Jamez says:

    I played ‘Sofa No.2’and ‘Stick It Out’ to my best friend who’s German and he loved them!

  6. oh really? says:

    hey Jamez, did you and ze German get any jizz upon that sofa sofa?
    hope you boyz didn’t— feuer!

  7. bernard says:

    So, you great Germans out there.

    Where are you?

  8. Jamez says:

    In addition to wahat Bernard said, don’t forget the Germans also named a street after Zappa (in Berlin), unlike my politically correct fellow Englishmen!

  9. marcel says:

    the toons?

    they seem well done. over
    easy. palatable & stayin’ alive.
    germans, sicilians, dutch,
    vietnamussian, iraqolumbia,
    americanitis. i like songs.

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