Friday’s Magic Fingers: Oakland ’75

We’re going to try something a little different today. You may know Magic Fingers from The Big Note, as the man who gave us the Variation Variations, or perhaps as a man who likes to wear funny hats. This week he’s agreed to provide a Friday Boot Show and some explanation as to why this one — Oakland, CA, 26/12/’75 — is of particular interest:

So what do we have here? A fairly typical late ’75 show featuring the usual songs we have come to expect from this tour. Tonight, however, Frank is ON, and delivers some excellent solos throughout the set. But it is the day after Christmas, and there are presents in store…

Curious? Read on…

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Magic Fingers: Oakland ’75”

  1. Poor audience! This 75’Tour often got some blind
    spots, Frank foolished the band and the audience.
    I never will understand why he played so wrong
    during a concert, everyone in the band gave up
    to follow him, so what? The audience came to
    Frank and they got bullshit. Maybe he don’t liked
    the band anymore, so this happend. Bullshit.
    Poor audience…

  2. In which track does this happen? Haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing, but “Kaiser Rolls”and “…Cleveland” seemed to work out well – everything I’ve listened to so far makes me wonder why FZ released practically nothing from this band. “Find Her Finer” is much better than the stiff version released two years later, and during “Slime”, the audience sounds like they’re about to levitate. The proto versions are a real treat.

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