A Variation Variations Special

One of my favorite FZ tracks is the Zappa In New York version of Cruisin’ For Burgers of which, unfortunately, there are not many live versions around. I mentioned this to Magic Fingers a while ago, and behold: as my birthday present last week, he had prepared a Variation Variations Special: Cruisin’ For Burgers ’88. Eight versions of one of my favorite tunes featuring one of my favorite FZ line-ups! I just had to share these beauties with you. Enjoy!

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  1. Err… sorry to make a note (and correction) again, but the tracklist is not really correct. It should be like:
    1.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    2.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    3.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    4.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    5.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    6.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    7.) Cruisin’ For Burgers
    8.) Cruisin’ For Burgers

  2. Oh, and Balint: could you tell me what this is all about?

    Itt a burgerszezon, meg volt ugye hétvégén Barry születésnapja (erről talán később részletesen), mikor is Martin (szül. Magic Fingers, London) ünnepeltünket az alábbi kis csomagocskával lepte meg: Cruising For Burgers Variations.

    8 változat a 88-as turnéról (Letölthető).
    Nem! Nem igaz hogy a Zappa-barátok mániákusak!!!!

  3. “Here’s the season for Burgers, and – as you all know – Barry had a birthday last weekend (maybe I’ll come beack on that in more details), and Martin (born as Magic Fingers, London) brought a tiny bit of surprise to Our Celebrated Friend with a small surprise: Cruising For Burgers Variations.”
    Something like that.
    The text also says (later), that whenever an Englishman meets a true Wervick citizen, they surely jump on top of certain chairs and stuff. That’s the habit there, as I observed. :-)

  4. For the ones who want the venues:
    Hartford 16/02/88 Bushnell Auditorium, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    Birmingham 20/04/88 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England
    Bremen 24/04/88 Stadhalle, Bremen, W Germany
    Lund 26/04/88 Olympen, Lund, Sweden
    Dortmund 5/05/88 Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, W Germany
    Montpellier 18/05/88 Zenith Theatre, Montpellier, France
    Linz 28/05/88 Sporthalle, Linz, Austria
    Genoa 9/06/88 Palasport, Genoa, Italy (final 88 concert)

  5. As far as sources go, Cruisin For Burgers was only played once at the USA dates on 8 Mar 1988
    Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The other versions were played at the eight gigs mentioned.

  6. Thanks a million for this one – Variation Variations are my favorite way to appreciate Zappa. Wild Love and Yo Mama are great also – thanks Magic Fingers!

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