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All Music Videos on YouTube?

“What we really want to do is in six to 12 months, maybe 18 months, to have every music video ever created up on YouTube,” co-founder Steve Chen told Reuters. “We’re trying to bring in as much of this content as we can on to the site.”

No more banned uploads? But besides some mo’ music there’s still the possibility of some private usage.

Vancouver ’75

For the next 2 Fridays, Gilles has prepared the following show for you: Vancouver Canada, 1 Oct. 1975. In other news: don’t you find it terribly annoying when the postman rings your doorbell carrying a Very Important Package while you’re in the bathroom, and by the time you get to the door, you find this letter saying you’ll have to present yourself at the post office? Next Tuesday? Yeah, me too.

More On The Freak Out! Anniversary Release

This just in via Marco over at the Dutch Zappa-list. I haven’t been able to track down the following Gail Zappa quote on the site which if you ask me suffers from a severe case of mystery meat navigation, but anyway here goes:

Yes, there is a certain manifestation of Freak Out! but there are 3 other discs – approximately 3 hours of alternate tracks from the sessions for the most part, some crazy surprises, and a little bit of FZ talking about. There are a few FZ edits here and there. You will enjoy the disc/overy I am sure, almost as much as we did. And then there is the packaging which we are also very excited about. This is truly one for the fervent and devout…it is good to know that some of what I say makes sense to some of the people who read it. So just so you heard it from me, there is nothing on the discs, 3 of which are about an hour of mostly (MOSTLY!) UNRELEASED materials, that is me talking for 30 minutes – why would I do such a thing to you or to FZ!!!! But we do have him in his own words too. And yes, it is all about Freak Out! What more do I really have to say.

Update: Andrew aka The Idiot Bastard says: “This is actually two quotes taken from the Zappa Forum that I edited together (and spell-checked!) for my website.”

Time And Those Waves

Nigey Lennon remembers David Walley.

Anyone who knew David, or read his work, or picked his brain for editorial suggestions, or made even the most casual contact with him, generally found that they’d been changed, transformed by the contact. It was his peculiar gift, to question and, by questioning, to help people find answers.

Freak Out Ale

From Lagunitas Brewing comes a new beer called Freak Out Ale, celebrating 40 years of Freak Out!with Gail Zappa’s permission, no less. Here’s the label:

freak out ale

Zappa On The TNT Show

Duncan writes in with a little conundrum: spot FZ in this trailer for “The TNT Show”. He’s looped the relevant bit here for convenience.


  1. Why was he there?
  2. Is the guy on his left talking to him? If so who is he?
  3. Is the (completely obscured) girl on his right with him?
    If so who is she?
  4. Is there more FZ in the actual film or is that it?

The “Big TNT Show” wiki page is awaiting your answers…

When Woody Met Billy

Woody Allen interviews Rev. Billy Graham, ca. ’69:

(…and here’s part two)

The Ceasefire Petition

Have you signed it? I have.

Sydney ’73 (2)

Part Two of Hordern Pavilion, Sidney, July 8 ’73 is available.

Hype Machine

Cool beans: The Hype Machine, an “audio blog aggregator” which allows you to track down audio within blog-entries that mention any band/artist you enter and lets you play the audio in the player of your choice, or subscribe to the podcast even! Um… that sounded more complicated than it is. Just have a look. :)

A A A – D D – E E E *

Are online guitar tabs soon to be a thing of the past? The US Music Publishers’ Association is doing all it can to make that happen. Already, the Online Guitar Archive and Guitar Tab Universe sites have gone black.

“It is simply wrong and unjust that many illegal Web sites are able to make money, whether from selling advertising, other products or by other means, giving away music that does not belong to them,” MPA President Lauren Keiser said in a statement on the association’s Web site,

May I suggest to Mr. Keiser that he get a life — puhlease.

* Guess that tune!

Sweet Dreams

Ha! Lullaby renditions of rock songs — from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd to Metallica. I can hardly wait for the Beefheart Edition! (via)

Freak Out! Turns Forty

Quoth the newsletter:

In commemoration of the FOURtieth Anniversary of a World That Contains Freak Out! we are so very pleased to present the FZ Audiography and Documentary Evidence (for the first time this century) of those certain recording sessions that occurred in Los Angeles between March and April of 1966. Who Could Imagine??? Well, we all know the answer to that question. This exciting and Deluxe, Limited Edition contains FOUR historically magnificent discs for your Audio Gratification. And a Gorgeous booklet – with the original art and lots of special surprises – and your name too.

Yes you heard right: four discs.

Honk 4 Frank Now

Studio Z is alive!

Filmmakers Adam Fiorenza and Derek Miley are about to finish their documentary focusing on Zappa’s “Cucamonga years” and started a smart marketing campaign both for the city to pay some recognition and also for the -soon to be- release of the film . “And we were surprised by the number of cars that honked…” says Adam.
Off the Richter, dudes!

Dunbar’s Blue Whale

Plucked from an RSS-feed that wishes to remain anonymous: Aynsley Dunbar’s 1970 album “Blue Whale”, available for download. It features four jazzy progressive pieces, and a 16 minute version of Zappa’s Willie The Pimp. I’m only posting this because I couldn’t find any place on the web where the album could be purchased — not even on Dunbar’s official site — making it one of those dusty out-of-print rarities.