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  1. Just 5 hours to go …

    I’m very nervous wether this is the rop off I at some level expect, or the feascinating surprise I hope for.

    And how about the merchandise?

  2. No, no, no!!

    I told you, 30 minutes at 350. NOT 350 minutes at 30. You stupid frost-bitten bitch. You’ve spoiled a decade worth of tapes. Now who the fuck is going to finance your retirement???

  3. I hope the acoustics are reasonable over there in The Netherlands. Over here in Belgium their gig is in Forest National with absolutely lousy acoustics because it happens to be a concrete bunker: you hear everything three times.

    In case our Dutch friends would hear it twice only: zalig zijn de schelen want ze zullen God twee keer zien.

  4. Well, not being old enough to have experienced Frank himself, I sure look forward to the show in Copenhagen the day after tomorrow!
    And yes, it sure is kind of over priced, but what the hey, I can live with that.
    I’ll bring you a set list, and all of us who goes to the ZPZ lets share our experineces. And hopefully to the regret of all those who didn’t go to the show :)

  5. Yep I’ve lost patience with the ZFT and their rip-off activities so Im not going to ZPZ. I’ve got better things to spend the money on. But Im’ sure the concerts will be at least competent – with Terry Bozzio and Steve Vai playing there are bound to be plenty of high spots. And if the concerts help to spread FZ’s music to a new audience then that’s great!

  6. hope all have/had a good time at the show as i am dying for the L.A. shows. LET US KNOW!!!!! please details details….wait no i want it to be a secret. wait….tell me setlists and merchandise and guests….wait no, i want to wait….argh! i can’t decide.

  7. No Trance-Fusion, only shirts at the merch.

    Set list (TB = Terry Bozzio, SV is Steve Vai)

    It started with, from the never to be released Roxy DVD, a screening of:
    Dupree’s Paradise

    then the band took the stage for
    Help, I’m a Rock
    Hungry Freaks, Daddy
    Let’s Make the Water Turn Black
    Florentine Pogen
    Pygmy Twylyte
    Idiot Bastard Son
    King Kong incorporating Filthy Habits
    Yellow Snow suite
    Inca Roads

    5 minute break

    I’m so Cute (TB)
    Trying to grow a Chin (TB)
    City of Tiny Lights (TB)
    Punky’s Whips (TB)
    The Black Page pt. 1 (TB)
    The Black Page pt. 2 (TB, SV)
    Peaches en Regalia (SV)
    Montana (SV)
    Echidna’s Arf (of you) (SV)
    Zomby Woof (SV)
    Sofa (SV)


    Camarillo Brillo (TB, SV)
    The Orange Couty Lumber Truck (TB, SV)
    Trouble Every Day (TB, SV)
    Tush Tush Tush (TB, SV)

    The lights went out at 20.05, band on stage at 20.35, encore lasted till 23.20.

    Great band, Dweezil was very good, Steve did what Steve is good at, incredible drum solo from Terry in Trouble Every Day.
    Hail Napoleon on main vocal the whole evening, you can’t tell the difference between his voice now and 30 years ago … incredible.

    All in all a sincere evening, and value for money for sure!

  8. Beyond expectation. Dweezil managed to get the band recipe right: great young and eager musicians with some ripe and juicy cherries on top. A spot-on simultane black page drum (and guitar) solo showed both Z-generations got along very well. Dweezil took a big risk with this endeavour as ‘son of’ and deserves praise for both daring it and doing it so very, very well. Guests Vai & Bozzio in great shape but special credits go to Napoleon Murphy Brock who did most vocals brilliantly, added some hilarious dances and also was Dweezils mental support (this kind of tribute to your dad who died too young is also heartbreaking) Dweezil proved FZ’s compositions can (and will) get a new crowd of fans. Dad Z. must have been smiling on his inflatable cloud. Couldn’t be better. He wants more. And we too!

  9. From some of the early reports it’s nice to read that not only some of the long time Zappa fanatics but also a new breed of Zappa fans are enjoying as the Zappa’s have published the AUTHENTIC and AUTHORITATIVE.

    I rarely post on the internet as lurking is more my style. The blog community think they actually have something interesting to say but most of the time read like a pile of dog poop. Anyhow I look forward to seeing the shows in Manchester & London but from reading some of that so called professional writter Trendmonger’s ramblings I am starting to understand what he may have meant when he created the Fanaskeptasaureous sniglet.

  10. Jeroen: thanks for the setlist!
    Wherever I read, nothing but good reviews and exclamation marks with regard to the Amsterdam gig. Should I open up a thread where all shows may be reviewed in the comments consecutively?

    TLT: what can I say — I can only hope this weblog is considered slightly above the level of dog poop. I happen to think it is but then, I may be biassed.

  11. Brought a few youngsters (kind of Iron Maiden guys) with me last night (ages difference appox. 27 years). They were very impressed. As was I. According the guy next to me, this was the best FZ cover band ever. It wasn’t just Bozzio, Vai & Brock. Apperently a band is always performing at its utmost with a Zappa on stage. I myself was very impressed by Dweezil, Sheila Gonzalez (sax, keyboards, vocals) and Joe Travers (drums and vocals).
    Mighty fine show.

  12. good show, great reviews, old fans, new fans…that’s a good thing

    incessant naysayers (offense intended, Bob) will just have to find something else to carp about

    reality – it’s not what you think…

  13. this is a great website. I check it every day. sometimes several times a day. I know I haven’t checked out all it’s pages, but continually look at the blog stuff. I used to just come for the friday shows, but now rarely do that but most often clicks on the links that you set up.
    so for THAT (which is what youwant, right?), you’re doing a great job. Now my tastes are kinda strange to many people. But killuglyradio is Always entertaining.

  14. Any of you nerds that thought ZPZ wasn’t good are stupid bitches. Have fun jerking to your grandmas pictures you geeks. I’m sure your basement life is soooo awesome!!!!
    You GEEKS,
    ZPZ rules!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Have fun getting sucked of by your vacuum you losers.

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