ZPZ Video Clips

Flat Top Sam (no really) sent in links to video clips of Zappa Plays Zappa during rehearsal. They’re short but sweet, have a look: Florentine Pogen (one, two) and The Black Page.

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  1. Balint says:


  2. Dick says:

    Seems cool… still in doubt if I’ll see the concert…

  3. NES / Barry says:

    Short, but very nice! Dweezil seems to be a good player, very relaxed. Needs more energy to his playing. Be more sporadic. Still, I enjoyed it!

    Thank you.

  4. abe says:

    i think(hope) the shows will be fantastic. dweezil is an excellent guitarist and it’s got to be interesting at the very very very least. i got my tickets, and will definetly be there.

  5. Trendmonger says:

    You know as far as this Dweezil seems to be a good player, very relaxed coment that was a rehearsal. He did not even have the flanget turned up. It’s only rejearsal. Dwweezili’s performance of Immaginary Diseases at A Taste Of Zappa Plays Zappa had all the energy and pasion that I have ever seen in Frank Zappa solos. Just wait till you see Dweezil. This young man is a prodigy and his pasion for dedicating his life to Frank’s music is extremely dedicated to getting it done right.

  6. propellerkuh says:

    i really like D’s play, very on top, the same laid back, anti-over-excited mentality like with his father! the greatest thing on earth would be if he stepped in his father’s footsteps as a composer one day. but even for the time being it feels great to see him holding the light.

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