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The Idiot Bastard Bush

Yesterday, AmericaBlog asked: Let’s create a list of every idiotic thing George Bush has done in the past five years:

Seriously, I want to compose a real list of every idiocy, every scandal, every mistake, everything.

One day later: 1055 comments and counting.

Kansas City ’72

This venue should ring a bell with those of you who like the Petit Wazoo line-up. During the late show, an audience member yelled out “Shit on stage!”. Here’s both the early & late show from that day — available for one week, as always.


Hay in Art — and I’m not talking about Barry Hay. As Bernard, who sent in the link, told me: “what a pity ‘Watermelon in Easter Hay’ is not a painting…”. (Thanks Bernard!)

A Little Something About Palm Trees

Palms are really incompetent trees.

They are a well suited metaphor for LA…Tall, attractive, skinny, but they’re no good for shade, shelter, forts, food or anything useful. Just like celebrities! What if trees were conscious of their issues?

Tuh Morruh!

If you’re about my age you’ll remember an early 80s musical called Annie. It featured a song which stuck in your head like a piece of chewing gum wrapped in double sided duct tape — aaah, Tomorrow! Anyway, to brighten your day a bit, here’s Brecht & Weill’s version.
Tee hee.

Search Term Of The Day

Someone from the University of Maryland has way too much time on his/her hands. The enquiring mind wants to know:

when was the blowjob invented?

Well my guess is as good as yours Maryland person, but I bet you it’s a prehistoric thing.

Magnum PI

PI Day, Tuesday March 14, 1:59 pm E.S.T. and 1:59 pm P.S.T.
The Giant Pi drops here.

The Bill Napoli Google Bomb

Remember this? Time, these gals figured, for some good old google bombing!


Isaac Hayes to quit South Park:

“There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins,” the 63-year-old soul singer and outspoken Scientologist said.


RIP Martin Lickert

Martin Lickert, the guy who played/replaced Jeff Simmons in Zappa’s 200 Motels, has died.

Jeff Simmons, the Mothers’ bass player, had left the group and Zappa was unable to find anyone to play him. In exasperation, he told his entourage the next person to walk into the room would have the part. In walked Lickert, who had gone to buy cigarettes for his boss, Ringo. He was hired, and performed adequately, but became a better barrister than he was a bass player’s stand-in.

Dr Sharl Meets John Mayall

Early in the morning today, Dr Sharl met with the legendary John Mayall of Bluesbreakers fame — and managed to snap a photo, as well as an autograph. Kudos, Dr Sharl!

The Tornadoes

The Tornadoes, a surf band that recorded their first hits at Zappa’s early 60s PAL Studio’s, have a new album out called “Now and Then”. It apparently includes a recording of FZ’s “The Cruncher”.

Five of the songs from their appearance [on Zappanale 15] are included in “Now and Then.” Also on the disc is the Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire,” which Zappa had played during his own tour in 1988, and Gerald Sanders imitating Cash doing “Folsom Blues.”

Uddel ’70

There haven’t been many Flo & Eddie era concerts available here since we started with the Friday Boots. To make up for that, Gilles presents Uddel 1970. Call any vegetable!

23rd Annual Spaghetti Bridge results

Who could imagine? 226.96 kg on a bridge made of nothing but spaghetti…


Next September 15 to 19, you don’t want to be a bull in Rock Creek Lodge. Turkeys on the other hand will want to stay away from Byron IL on October 7.