The most outrageous (and queerest) record label of the 60s: Camp Records.

An amusing characteristic of the records they issued was the “label numbers” they gave them. Almost all of them are tongue-in-cheek gay references, if the letters and numbers are read individually. For example, ICUR1-2 becomes “I see you are one, too” or variations of that, along with 2B8 I believe being “to be ate.” “45CC” for the single “Spanish Bar Fly” is likely referring to “45, Si, Si,” and “OUR 2-2” could be “our tutu.”

Rumor Has It…

Rumor has it (from a very good source) that…

Rumor has it (From a very good source) that the Zappa plays Zappa show will debut in the US 4/21 at The Beacon Theatre in NYC. DZ and Napi are on the list for the Jammy’s show 4/20 at MSG Theatre and I know there are a lot of artists playing all over the city prior to and after the Jammy’s.

Odds ‘n Ends

With the weekend finally in sight (hallelujah!), may I suggest you spend some time perusing Chas Radio — a deluge of wacky, hard-to-find audio stuff up for download is awaiting you there. The guy had a post about FZ some time ago which unfortunately consisted mostly of official material (for shame!).

That said, I must apologize for the lack of posts this week. It’s just that work has been a bitch lately (“we need a bilingual site with a shopping cart with different pricing for individuals vs companies and we want the customer to be able to smell our products before he makes the purchase; can it be done by tomorrow?” — that kind of thing). Things should sorta-kinda get back to normal by the end of next week. In the meantime, you can always check that other place of mine where I post stuff that doesn’t fit in here. Like drawings. Pictures of my cat. That sort of thing.

Note to self: must do something about my excessive usage of the word “thing”.

Duke of Trombones

Who’d-a-thunk: back in the day, George Duke attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music – on a trombone scholarship:

“They had too many classical piano players. I didn’t have their chops. I couldn’t keep up with them,” Duke said of the applicants the year he applied. “But they also had a brass scholarship for trombone and they didn’t have any trombone players. So I knew I could get that one!”

Spamnesty International

Via Tom, a novel idea: Spamnesty International.

We care about spam because spam is really important for your life! If spam would stop today, the world would end. We fight for a more evenly distribution of spam to everybody in the whole world.

To make money selling T-shirts with spam-messages on them: clever or lame? They’re with the good guys though as 25% of all profits are donated to Amnesty International.

Devo 2.0

I was contacted a while ago by someone from Disney Records asking me “to promote Devo 2.0 and to expose new and old fans to their music”. First up: yes, I get email from Disney Records. When you’re done giggling, you may wonder: Who is Devo 2.0?

Devo 2.0 is a group of five talented kids that have re-recorded ten of Devo’s original songs, and added new energy. The original members of Devo played on the album and are very much involved and supportive of the project, which allowing them to pass the timeless music of Devo onto a new generation.

“Say What?!”, indeed. More on Punk News

iTunes Sig

‘t is a thing of wonder, the iTunes Signature Maker:

iTunes Signature Maker (iTSM) analyzes your music collection and creates a short audio signature to represent who you are and what you listen to. After it checks your system configuration and asks you a few simple questions, iTSM will spend a few minutes analyzing your collection and generating the audio signature.

As for mine? Have a listen, see if you recognize some tunes. ;)