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Top Covers

bush Mad MagazineTop 40 magazine covers of the past 40 years. My favorite to the right.

It’s amazing how much Gee Dubya looks like the Mad Magazine kid with just a minimal Photoshop retouch!

Weird Sites

Yahoo!’s Top 100 Weird Sites should keep you occupied for a while. From Sexy Soviets to Pets In Clothes to Rent-A-Peasant, there’s something for everyone I reckon.


Is that a real Guru or is that a Sears Guru?

Crumb’s Thumb

The Robert Crumb photo-gallery never fails to entertain, but this one really had me laughing out loud (refuses to use the acronym):

crumb hitchhiking

Crumb’s son Jesse (pictured right):

This is like 10 or more years ago. Pop and I had to thumb it down to San Francisco. At this time I hitchhiked everywhere. Pop had a story about doing this exact thing in his youth. So we did it again. He made the thumb. I still have it. No one picked us up… it took hours… ahhh, that kind of freedom is… intoxicating.

P/O On The Road

I’m horribly late with this but wanted to pass on the fact that Project/Object — arguably FZ’s most treasured and accomplished tribute act — are currently on a Fall tour in the US. Napoleon M. Brock and Ike Willis are present throughout, Ed Palermo will be playing a few dates, and Denny Walley will be performing with the band from Nov. 2 to 6. Although I have a couple of live recordings from their shows, I’ve never seen them live. So when’s the next European tour, guys?

Zappaween 2005

It’s today: Bogus Pomp Celebrating Modern Music’s Greatest Composer, FRANK ZAPPA.
Will anyone be there?

Newly Wed

But it’s a secret. I won’t tell you who they are.

Happy Halloween!

barking pumpkin

Fabulous picture courtesy of KUR-regular Hairfarmer. Thanks bud!


The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.

Des Moines ’84

Well there may be a national strike here in Belgium, but not at KUR! Presenting part one of Des Moines, August 7 ’84 — with thanks to Gilles as always.

Slime Oozin’

Some guy sees so much slime oozing out from his TV-set, he decides to set up a huge webpage dedicated to it, redefining the word curmudgeon in the process:

In the Top Ten of 13 Feb 2005, David Letterman mentioned “the Los Lonely Boys”. That is redundant. ‘Los’ is a Spanish word for ‘the’.

Shocking Movie Moments

The 25 most shocking moments in movie history. Inexplicably, every scene where Keanu Reeves opens his mouth and speaks is not included.

I kid, Dr Sharleena! I kid!

A Fruitcake Orange

A man with a plan:

I’m driving down the road thinking about absolutely nothing. All of a sudden, BAM!! An idea hits me like a pound a bricks. Passing motorists mistake this as a cursory head banging. I need to find out if this whole, “turn yourself orange” thing works. Ideas start forming in my head, necessitating more head rocking. I know what I need to do, I need to consume enough carrots to turn myself orange!

RIP Chick

About time for our monthly chicken post, don’t you think?

RIP Rosa

Rosa Parks, 92, founding symbol of civil rights movement, dies.