Crumb’s Thumb

The Robert Crumb photo-gallery never fails to entertain, but this one really had me laughing out loud (refuses to use the acronym):

crumb hitchhiking

Crumb’s son Jesse (pictured right):

This is like 10 or more years ago. Pop and I had to thumb it down to San Francisco. At this time I hitchhiked everywhere. Pop had a story about doing this exact thing in his youth. So we did it again. He made the thumb. I still have it. No one picked us up… it took hours… ahhh, that kind of freedom is… intoxicating.

P/O On The Road

I’m horribly late with this but wanted to pass on the fact that Project/Object — arguably FZ’s most treasured and accomplished tribute act — are currently on a Fall tour in the US. Napoleon M. Brock and Ike Willis are present throughout, Ed Palermo will be playing a few dates, and Denny Walley will be performing with the band from Nov. 2 to 6. Although I have a couple of live recordings from their shows, I’ve never seen them live. So when’s the next European tour, guys?

A Fruitcake Orange

A man with a plan:

I’m driving down the road thinking about absolutely nothing. All of a sudden, BAM!! An idea hits me like a pound a bricks. Passing motorists mistake this as a cursory head banging. I need to find out if this whole, “turn yourself orange” thing works. Ideas start forming in my head, necessitating more head rocking. I know what I need to do, I need to consume enough carrots to turn myself orange!