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Chocolate Poodles

When a Flemish singer/songwriter releases a song called “Weg Met Amerika” (“Down With America”), here’s what happens.

Critical Mass

Yesterday it was a day of Critical Mass here in Budapest. This town was not really (=really not) designed for bicycle use, so the organisers wished to show the existence of this mass – the ones who want to ride a bicycle. Violá: more than 20.000 (!!!) people came! Okay, you won’t be able to read this article, but clicking on a picture you’ll be able to see it!
The name “Critical Mass” comes from a documentary called Return of the Scorcher made by Ted White in 1992. In a scene George Bliss is examining a typical chinese situation, where some people riding the bicycle just can’t cross the road because of the heavy traffic. While waiting more and more bicyclist come and when they reach a “critical” number they can finally cross safely – together.

Baltimore ’75

It’ll be hard to top last week’s offering, but here’s Baltimore, May 1975 featuring the unimitable Captain Beefheart…

Save My Ass

Brother, this is rich:

Gentlemen, Welcome to SaveMyAss.
SaveMyAss is a personal assistant that keeps your girlfriend or wife happy by sending her flowers on your behalf, on a regular but semi-random basis.

I’m positive my girlfriend would love the idea of my being subscribed to a service entitled Save My Ass. Absolutely. Yep.

– Postal worker: Hi ma’am, there’s a package for you.
– Girlfriend: Who from?
– Postal worker: Um, save my ass, ma’am.
– Girlfriend: Oh joy, I’d been waiting for that!

Jazz Is Not Dead…

iTunes as a hazard to the preservation of jazz:

The digital music era should offer listeners more information about jazz, not less. The stakes are high. If jazz fragments into millions of digital files, future generations could be left with a maddening cultural jigsaw puzzle. This music could quickly become one of the mysterious art forms that is translated to the public by a small group of experts.

Same goes for Zappa, I would reckon…

No es un boludon!

‘t would appear a certain someone doesn’t like the works of Flemish artist Wim Delvoye. Well ha! How can you not love an artist who makes art like this?

President’s Intern

As George W. Bush enters his second term as one of the greatest American presidents of the 21st century, I enjoy the privilege of having been selected as a White House intern. I am keeping this diary to ensure history gets an accurate story of this great man…from the inside.

» The President’s Intern

The Golden Ticket

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I entered my email at in hopes of getting an invite for a free WP-powered weblog. Lo and behold: today I received The Golden Ticket meaning that now I’ve yet another webpage to fill up with content! You’re sitting there thinking: “why should I give a fuck?” — well: works by invites only. And I just happen to have one. So if any of you out there fancy the idea of having your own weblog for free, drop a note in the comments. The account comes with all the goodies WordPress has to offer right out of the box. You’ll never hear vloerbedekking Blogger again! Any takers?

Update: Houdini has the golden ticket.

Oh, and I have about a 100 Gmail accounts to give away as well.

Yes Sirree!


The iPod arrived yesterday and, by Jove, I swear it’s a thing of absolute beauty — enough to wet anyone’s pants. Been importing music and playing with its features since. Suppose you’d be going on a transatlantic flight to South America, what music would you put on there? Would it be all Frank Zappa?

Jesusland In Ruins

Inside Jim Bakker’s abandoned PTL Christian Theme Park.

Talking Pregnant Trailer Trash Doll

And she talks, too! When you press her bellybutton, the Trailer Trash Doll will say things like “Pour me a double, I’m drinkin’ for two.” and “Bubba Jr., get off your sister!”. Wonderful.

2 CD-Releases Before The Year Is Over?

For what it’s worth (presumably from Gail Zappa):

…. As for a release sked, you will definitely see The Dub Room Special on dvd for the fall (which is upon us) and at LEAST 2 (two!) cds ere the 12 days of Christmas are out.

…And after the first of the year we will absolutely CRUSH all Boxes! Barfko should be up before then.

…I am thinking about being up for an online chat shortly. Not before the end of September though. And we are definitely interested in more participation from the crickets who have chorus in the improvelance department of the interior so let that be a lesson to ya.

Hippie Wannabe?

For sale on eBay: The Ultimate Hippie Vacation (currently at 122 bids, $0,99 starting bid). The Rules:

  1. You will be required to sell Tie-dyed T-shirts for gas and food money.
  2. There is no map on the bus and he WILL get lost.
  3. Stuff Happens! (And you know what I mean!)
  4. If the bus blows up, he has a tent.
  5. You must provide your own bail money. (Please see rule 3)
  6. He will provide “the most craziest vacation you will never forget!”

RSS Feed Change

For you whopping 3 people out there who follow KUR via some RSS-aggregator or other, you’ll be glad to know the feed has been changed to display full entries. You’ll never have to visit this site again!
(The rest of you: stop looking at me like that.)

Resolver + Brutality

Cool: an audio cassette containing 58 minutes of synclavier music. The songlist and the title Resolver + Brutality are hand-written by Frank Zappa himself. (via Gilles)