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About Time For A Good LOL

Robin of evaristo fame reports on a recent Grandmothers press-conference at Ricreatorio San Giusto. Picture subscript: “Roy Estrada, in the sky, and Don Preston, in the dark. Did i mention how bad the illumination was?”

Clownz Again

Part Two of The Ritz ’81 — the one with Al DiMeola on guitar in “Clownz On Velvet” and “Ride Like The Wind” — is available. Enjoy…

Binary Banzai

Zappa fans around the world rejoice: I sorta kinda more-or-less approximately-yet-not-definitively managed to bring back Ye Olde OSFA Look. Provisionally. Stay tuned!

Kamikaze Upgrade

Few things are as exciting as an upgrade from WordPress 1.2 to WordPress 1.5. It’s a bit like bungee-jumping, except you’re not quite sure if the guy on top of the bridge buckled you up properly.

But hey, looks like we made it.

In case you’re wondering, you’re looking at WP’s default layout template (as authored by Binary Bonsai, and actually quite lovely if you ask me). Some template-fiddling will be required before these pages are given back their comfy jacket, so bear with me…

You Are In Belgium Here!

When G Dubya arrives on the tarmac of Brussels airport next Feb 21, here’s what may await him. Priceless.

FZ + Crossfire Part Deux

More Zappa on Crossfire — this time dating back to 1987. Irresponsible muzishans indeed! :)


Combining sexual stimulation with audio waves — am I the only one to smell Conceptual Continuity here?
(Not safe for work, I guess)


Eggcorns are elusively misspelt words or expressions. The Eggcorn Database has a whole bunch of them. Some goodun’s: pre-madonna, comma, black male and of course: internally grateful.

Of Franks, Barry’s & Dweezils

Fun little name-popularity widget. Apparently, the name “Frank” has been on a steep decline since, well, forever. As for “Barry’s”: they appear to have been abundant in the 50s but things went downhill from there. Oh, and don’t bother searching for Dweezil…

Catholic Girls

“Not only can we date cute guys, but hopefully we can lead them to God and help them get saved from the burning fires of Hell. I’ve outlined a few tips to help you date cute heathen guys, step-by-step.”

CCFZ Webring Lives On

The CCFZ Webring, formerly managed by yours truly, has found a new caretaker. I’ve known Jason of ZappaFreaks for quite some time now as he is a regular reader of KUR, and I’m confident he’ll do a great job maintaining the ring.
Since I’m interested in knowing your opinion about the ring, I put up a little poll to the right of this page. Please cast your vote, thanks…

American Splendor

I have just seen American Splendor. So should you — if only to get your creative juices flowing (again).

Puttin’ On The Ritz

By popular demand, this (and next) week’s download is The Ritz, NYC, Nov 17 ’81. This way please, and don’t forget your guide on the way out…


Johan of plans on sharing one mp3 of his choice with the rest of us each day. This week’s mp3: Clownz On Velvet — or as he calls it, “a real orgy in electric guitar”.

I’ve Had It With CCFZ

I’ve pretty much had it with administering CCFZ, the First FZ Webring.

(– “So Barry, that was you telling me to put up that javascript banner, upon which I was banned?” — “Yes, FZ fansite webmaster, that would have been me.”)

It was fun for a while but now, frankly, it’s become a bitch to maintain. For one thing, the system insists on doing my “ringmaster” job for me if I’m not fast enough (they approve whatever in my place before I’ve had a chance to look), and second: they keep kicking my butt for not having enough ring-members with valid webring-banners — well try telling the owner of a ten year old, abandoned fansite that he has to put up some cut/paste javascript on his page. Besides, the whole “webring”-technology is outdated anyway, in my view. I mean who surfs the web using a webring anymore?

So anyway, the CCFZ-webring is hereby “up for sale”. Actually, you can get it for free if you feel up to managing the sites. I, for one, have had enough. If no one has volunteered to take up the task of ringmaster within 2 weeks (you know how to contact me), this webring is going to be flushed down the proverbial toilet. Dominus Vobiscum, as they say.