I’ve Had It With CCFZ

I’ve pretty much had it with administering CCFZ, the First FZ Webring.

(– “So Barry, that was you telling me to put up that javascript banner, upon which I was banned?” — “Yes, FZ fansite webmaster, that would have been me.”)

It was fun for a while but now, frankly, it’s become a bitch to maintain. For one thing, the webring.com system insists on doing my “ringmaster” job for me if I’m not fast enough (they approve whatever in my place before I’ve had a chance to look), and second: they keep kicking my butt for not having enough ring-members with valid webring-banners — well try telling the owner of a ten year old, abandoned fansite that he has to put up some cut/paste javascript on his page. Besides, the whole “webring”-technology is outdated anyway, in my view. I mean who surfs the web using a webring anymore?

So anyway, the CCFZ-webring is hereby “up for sale”. Actually, you can get it for free if you feel up to managing the sites. I, for one, have had enough. If no one has volunteered to take up the task of ringmaster within 2 weeks (you know how to contact me), this webring is going to be flushed down the proverbial toilet. Dominus Vobiscum, as they say.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Had It With CCFZ”

  1. I left you an email about maybe maintaining CC. I don’t want to say ‘take it over’ but how about we call it ‘maintaining it for you’, heheheh… I have the time and would be interested in keeping it going for you (for all of us)! I’d hate to see one of the oldest FZ resources out there just die out.

  2. Jason, thanks much for the offer (didn’t expect any responses to this call AT ALL, I’ll have you know!). When I say “I’ve had it with CCFZ” though, rest assured that I’m serious about it. I mean really, I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. So accepting the ringmaster job would have to include “taking over the ring”… you up for that? I hope so…

  3. Sure, I’ll do it. I have a few I handle already, including one of the Bowie rings, so I am already well aware of everything mentioned.

    Still, I think it would be important to keep one of these long standing resources around, at leats until it fizzles out and dies on it’s own! ;D

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