Whispers and shouts

Marcelo Gobello, a journalist in London working for the newspaper La Capital (in Argentina), reports that Dweezil Zappa is planning a world tour to play the music of his father Frank. According to Gail, “the decision already is taken, meanwhile we will be seeing how, with whom and where, but I believe that most probable will be to begin the tour by Europe the next summer (July, August 2005)”. “Unofficially, names of impressive ex–musicians of Zappa are shuffled to conform the band that will return to take to the scenes (although nonofficials several exist that are dedicated to make versions everywhere) the music and legacy of the genius of Baltimore.”

12 thoughts on “Whispers and shouts”

  1. Hmmmmm, hate to be so sceptical but I’ll believe it when I see it ( unfortunately like so much of the contorted language pronouncements from ZFTHQ as to things imminent ). I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. Anonymous comments, in the immortal words of Droopy, mmmake mmme mmmad… Will be fixing that shortly.
    (Bob, is it too much to ask to fill in your nick?)

  3. Sorry, Dr. I didn’t realize it was your translation to English that was the problem. “ex-musicians” implies persons who are no longer musicians. My thought was Dweez might be better served by persons who are currently engaged in musical endeavors. That’s all from me, folks. Happy Holidays and Peace to all (even you, Rummy)…

  4. Hate to be nitpicking but…..

    Wouldn’t all musicians who appeared with Uncle Frank be EX MUSICIANS OF ZAPPA? I mean, Frank really doesn’t tour much anymore.

  5. World tour, eh? I wish him a lot of good luck with that. Maybe there will be a new series of releases from the ZFT entiitled: You Can Do That On Stage, Again!

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