Nappy in Italy, 2004

Here’s a piece of video from a show with Napoleon singing/playing/dancing. I didn’t understand the band’s name, but they seem to be good. The quality is… welll, it’s not the best. I could only watch it online, I don’t know if there is a way to download it. Let’s move to Cleveland.

3 Responses to “Nappy in Italy, 2004”

  1. Barry says:

    Woo! That rocked Balint, thanks for the link! Plus, it’s the first time I see Nappy tie his shoes onstage (around 4:30) :-) Didn’t get the bandname either though… any Italians in the audience to enlighten us?

  2. Evaristo says:

    The band’s name is I Virtuosi Del Pianeta Talento, all i know about them is that they played on the 1st Frank You Thank italian tribute cd. The name means “virtuosos from the talent planet”, and sounds just as dumb in italian as it does in english. Can’t help appreciating this fact.

    And no, i’m not italian, although i must admit i do cook one mean parmesan eggplant.

    (PS: pics of Ike with ossi duri and elio e le storie tese somewhere around here.)

  3. UniMuta says:

    The band is also known as “N.F. e I Virtuosi Del Pianeta Talento”. (N.F. being Fabrizio Nocci who plays guitar and sings ??)

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