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Rummy the Poet

Here’s Donald Rumsfeld, doing a good job showing why G Dubya B. should be censured. Maybe it’s the poetry gig?


Finally, a way to have sex and look like an idiot: “The Pussy Snorkel allows a man to continue breathing while performing oral sex on a woman in a spa, bathtub or even a bowl of green Jell-O.”

Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch + comedy gold = not going to happen: the senator prank.

Tour scarves…

Obviously the indispensable souvenir of a visit to an fz concert, the tour scarf. These fashion accessories are from an assortment of items collected by a surprise hiree, who is a source of some interesting recollections too. – ‘It’s play or die.’

Sheik YerFoolz

A couple of less well known Zappa tribute bands – both have mp3’s up for grabs: Sheik Yerbouti (German) and The Foolz (Dutch). (thanks Fran6!)

Zappa Tributos

There’s a spanish guy publishing Zappa-tribute albums – made by spanish groups, sometimes in spanish, now he’s at nr. 7. You can check out samples of earlier Zappa covers here. Some of them are fun.

A Poll Is A Poll Is A…

Why do you love Zappa?

RIP Mercedes

Actress Mercedes McCambridge, star of Run Home Slow (see also here and here), died yesterday at age 87.

Poop Redux II

Run! Run! Kill Ugly Radio anno 2002, as captured by the Wayback Machine. (KUR: your one stop for navel gazing!)

Connie the Cone

The Coneheads at home – with FZ as guest, really crazy. So that’s where the lyrics of the song comes from. I even like the disco-version of it (by ZombyWoof)


Most people don’t know it, but the blowjob was invented in 1972.

Wino Man

“After several of these bizarre calls, whoever it was began to have actual conversations with me. He never identified himself, but it was apparent by the sound of his voice that this was no little kid. This was a grown man, probably in his forties or fifties, who was quite likely completely insane.”

ZappaPest 1991

June 30 1991 – the day the russians left Hungary, a day something new started – the day I met Frank Zappa in Budapest. How should we know it would be his last solo on stage ever? (Yes, we shook hands).

Poop Redux

Here’s a top 100 of most “popular” HotPoop entries, based on the number of comments they received. Did I mention I’m a Precision Processor?
Update: the Most Commented entry no longer functions since the switch from MovableType to WordPress.


Zappa reviews, found at the intrigueing banana slug, by way of Bifurcated Rivets.