MUS Z402, section #8128…

Of course, it can be believable that ‘You get nothing with your college degree’, but if you enjoy the course, does it really matter. The syllabus looks a little up tempo, but the listening list shouldn’t drag too much. This particular course is on the life and music of fz, do you think it is preparatory for a philosophy course on his lyrics and ideas.

Gail Rides Again

Mrs Zappa goes to court, and rightly so it would seem: “Jacques Tanguay said his company, Ameublements Tanguay Inc., didn’t know the song was under copyright.” Considering the song in question is “Watermelon in Easter Hay”, that statement sounds, shall we say, rather questionable? Also, with the type of business Tanguay is running, they should’ve gone with “SOFA” if you ask me (stupid marketing hotshots – hah!).


So the BBC is honouring Britain’s Best Sitcoms. A couple of my favourites (since I’m sure you really appreciate my take on these things): Blackadder (dialogues sharp as a knife, and of course, there is Baldrick and his cunning plans), Hi-De-Hi (“attention campers!” hah. classic.), I’m Alan Partridge (knowing you knowing me!), League of Gentlemen (the Local Shop!), the Young Ones (peace Neil) and of course Fawlty Towers (don’t mention the war!). View clips from all »

KGNU says kur…

…and not only that, it offers an alternative which sounds more interesting. Generally speaking, it’s a pity it’s in boulder colorado, however is does have a streaming audio facility, which by coincidence was playing ‘reggae bloodlines’ when i tuned in, so i switched the reggae off from the stereo, and listened in for a while. Can’t help thinking maybe it’s time to get the pc wired into the stereo.