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Bye Bye Spam

In response to all the comment spam we’ve been getting lately (if you haven’t noticed, it’s because I’ve been spending way too much time deleting it as it occured), I’ve installed this nifty little MT patch which will auto-close comments on old entries. For the time being auto-closing is set at 20 days. Just so you’d know.

MUS Z402, section #8128…

Of course, it can be believable that ‘You get nothing with your college degree’, but if you enjoy the course, does it really matter. The syllabus looks a little up tempo, but the listening list shouldn’t drag too much. This particular course is on the life and music of fz, do you think it is preparatory for a philosophy course on his lyrics and ideas.


This week, instead of the usual boot material, we’re presenting a 10:40 minute video of Zappa performing live in a Parisian TV-studio, October 10 1968. Plus, I know at least ONE person who’ll be very glad she finally gets to catch a glimpse of Michel Polnareff.

IRC Bible

We’ve had cyber sex chat, it’s about time for cyber bible chat.

I Wanna Talk Dirty 2 U

Aah the wonders of cybersex chat. Exhibits A, B, C and D. (via)

Sometimes they are not a drag

Plastic people is also allergic to him! (PS: more babes here for your amusement)

Mars 360

Whow! A 360 view of Mars! Look! Lots of sand and rocks! And sand! And rocks too! Have fun and locate the Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Gail Rides Again

Mrs Zappa goes to court, and rightly so it would seem: “Jacques Tanguay said his company, Ameublements Tanguay Inc., didn’t know the song was under copyright.” Considering the song in question is “Watermelon in Easter Hay”, that statement sounds, shall we say, rather questionable? Also, with the type of business Tanguay is running, they should’ve gone with “SOFA” if you ask me (stupid marketing hotshots – hah!).

Hot Rat Guerin

John Guerin, the drummer that played with Zappa on Lumpy Gravy, Chunga’s Revenge and Apostrophe and also with other musicians, like Frank Sinatra, Thelonius Monk, The Byrds, Dave Grusin, John Williams, and Joni Mitchell, died on January 5 of complications from the flu. “This is a site to share memories and stories, and to celebrate his life”.


Thiz is a reel Fedner old Strat. Honest! The Guitar God sez so.


So the BBC is honouring Britain’s Best Sitcoms. A couple of my favourites (since I’m sure you really appreciate my take on these things): Blackadder (dialogues sharp as a knife, and of course, there is Baldrick and his cunning plans), Hi-De-Hi (“attention campers!” hah. classic.), I’m Alan Partridge (knowing you knowing me!), League of Gentlemen (the Local Shop!), the Young Ones (peace Neil) and of course Fawlty Towers (don’t mention the war!). View clips from all »

Sheik Yer…

It’s Sheik Yerbouti Night! (Courtesy of evaristo who tends to visit these kinds of places)

KGNU says kur…

…and not only that, it offers an alternative which sounds more interesting. Generally speaking, it’s a pity it’s in boulder colorado, however is does have a streaming audio facility, which by coincidence was playing ‘reggae bloodlines’ when i tuned in, so i switched the reggae off from the stereo, and listened in for a while. Can’t help thinking maybe it’s time to get the pc wired into the stereo.

Studio ZII

Another Friday, another Boot. And since most of you live in a timezone other than mine, none of you will have noticed that I overslept and, for most of the day, forgot all about posting it. :)

New Things

Fear of new things shortens life.