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  1. Michel Polnareff is being the victim of a vigorous global campaign launched against him throughout the internet, the main allegation being this picture.
    He didn’t look like that on my vynil from the late seventies!! He was a respectable chanteur at the time!! and now KUR is part of this campaign…!! my pills, where are my pills…!

  2. Tu l’as vu mon cu-cu? Il est beau hein? Mon cu-cu?
    J’suis Michel Polnareff.
    (Pas mes textes. y’a qu’mon cu-cu sur l’internet-e!)

    Tu l’as vu?

  3. Great quality! I just noticed they played Varése’s Octandre at the end (9.00 approxx). In an interview Boulez said (United Mutations) that Varése’s wors were not performed too often in France. So this was one of the rare occassions.

  4. By the way ( now I’m talking seriously) aren’t there anu genuine traces left of FZ performing in .. Amougies.

    The concert ( in 1967, I believe) was attended by self declared frenchspeaking Important People from Brussels/ Belgium. They made their entance there in Porches. Do you see the picture?

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