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Tube Gossip

“Rufus! No! It’s got germs on it.”
“That’s not a dog – it’s a rat with delusions of grandeur.”
“Check out my bandana.”
“I am a toilet.”
— What people were overheard saying on the London Underground.

Read My Lips

Read my lips: Truthful Translations of Political Speech.
(via gutturalvomit)

MB & GMs

Recently got hold of the latest offerings from the Magic Band and the Grandmothers.
IMHO, the MB are cookin’ with gas (check it out Bob) and the GMs ain’t no slouches either; nice Don Preston compositions (Napi in fine voice Dr Sharl).

Gee, my hair is looking good in the back

White ugliness.

refuge in a brewery

Pirson – Pigeon – Prison.


I may be a BOF but, FYI, at least I got BHB (IMHO, KWIM?).

Real Good For Free

When I don’t listen to Zappa, this is what I listen to:

What’s your non Zappa flavour?

blowin’ bubbles

Take a look at this. And whilst doing so perhaps mutter to yourself “How much did I fork out for that last FZ:OZ cd ?”

God help America

US law insists on the separation of church and state. So why does religion now govern? “This is a country where 11 states, including Alabama, refuse to give government money to students who major in theology because it would violate the constitution, and where nativity plays are not allowed in primary schools. It is also a country where, a Harris poll showed, 94% of adults believe in God, 86% believe in miracles, 89% believe in heaven, and 73% believe in the devil and hell.”


Aaah, nothing like a bit of Freudian Flash on a boring Monday.

The Crapper Poll ™

As you know, us here at the office take great interest in our readers. So here’s a question for you: what is your method of cleaning up after you’ve been “faxing to Darmstadt”? Simply click on the option of your choice to increment its number of votes!

moustouch hairy

Who’d have thought Hot Poop would become a meeting place for lonely asians looking for sexual gratification?

Tell ’em what they win…

The legends continue. The man whose voice has been synonymous with NBC longer than any other began his 60th year with the network in the summer of 2003.

15 minutes of fame

You know, it’s real easy to get acquainted with me. Apparently my name is splattered all over the web. For one, United Mutations kindly archived my musical endeavours so far. D’you care to hear some of the audio stuff I’ve concocted? Wait: don’t answer that.

In France!

Gossip from the Zutalors YahooGroups! A new book is going to hit the shelves next 6th October: from Editions Paralleles, it’s called “Zappa In France” and it has photos from the Olympia 68 to Zénith 88 concerts (58 euros, 160 pages, 220 photos). No links whatsoever, can’t order copies yet, but for the lucky ones close to Paris, this is the bookshop’s adress: Librairie Paralleles, 47 r St Honoré 75001 PARIS 01 42 33 62 70 fax : 01 42 21 49 63. (Ain’t that somethin’? Way on down!)