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The Man in Black

Some people get better as they get older, some get truly brilliant as they get older. Exhibit A: Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around. Listen to Cash’s interpretation of N.I.N.’s Hurt, and proove me wrong.

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A sincere thank you goes out to dreamhost for having made this page unavailable all yesterday, and for screwing up the forums today. Stay tuned as tomorrow, maybe the guestbook gets eaten! Or maybe the comments will give you an Internal Server Error! Never a dull moment at killuglyradio.
With a little patience things should get back to normal, bear with me…

Magic Ink

“Soon the porn was popping up on the screen, each pose meeting the critical eye of Guphy, Mike, Brooke and Jane. Page after page began rolling into the tray, and we started taping them to the wall.” Some of you may be interested in just how much porn you can print with one inkjet cartridge.

Clean Toilet Seats

We’re erh… enchanted to be linked at the Clean Toilet Seats website, proud member of the Toilet WebRing. It can only go downhill from here…

New Audio Delight at TBN!

It took a while to update the Musibrarium this month (nonono, my wrist has nothing to do with it!) but’s SOFA has really done it this time! Baldheaded John’s Vault now features tunes from two late 60ies concerts (LUC Appleton ’69, FC Los Angeles ’68). In Member Contributions you’ll find an FZ medley, performed by TBN’s Big Swifty, and carefully doctored by SOFA. At the Musibrarium, you’ll also find a mini-concert from that lovable, former sideman Mike Keneally (Stunt Guitar for the ’88 band). Enjoy!

But…: otters?

My No War appeal is getting some discusson at’s forums. Yeah so I started the thread, but hey… any discussion, be it pro or contra, is better than no discussion at all.

Prepuce Blues

If you miss your foreskin lost years ago, and still want a conservative, discreet appearance, here’s your new online devICE: The PUD (Penile Uncircumsicing Device). At last! Stop using that bothering penis warmer again. Kewl and kosher!! source:

Thing Fish

The Navy routinely tests a weapon by firing radioactive, toxic ammunition in prime fishing areas off the coast of Washington, raising concerns from scientists, fishermen and activists.
“What the fuck
are we testing for? We already know the shit blows up.” – Frank Zappa

Danish Blue

“Kissing differences vary by geography as well as gender. German and Hungarian ladies prefer being nibbled on the ear, Finnish females love being bussed on their bellies and Danish women get turned on when their feet are smooched.”
(Link sent in by a very reliable source)


By popular request and since the FAQ is rather unclear about it: the upcoming release (fall ’03) of “Trance-Fusion” is a collection of unreleased Zappa guitar solo’s, apparently not focusing on any particular era. An “advanced copy” leaked as early as 1993, revealing the following track-list:

  1. Chunga’s Revenge
  2. Bowling On Charon
  3. Good Lobna
  4. A Cold Dark Matter
  5. Butter Or Canons
  6. Ask Dr. Stupid
  7. Scratch & Sniff
  8. Trance-Fusion
  9. Gorgo
  10. Diplodocus
  11. Soul Polka
  12. For Giuseppe Franco
  13. After Dinner Smoker
  14. Light Is All That Matters
  15. Finding Higg’s Bison
  16. Bavarian Sunset

Very cool links

…to read al fresco, found in the The Zappa Patio: a transcription of Blood on the Canvas (Bossk is posting it with permission), a sort of radio play Zappa made with performer Eric Bogossian in 1986. Also: The Complete Mark Pinske Interview plus a general outlook on Zappa works (ok, haven’t read these yet, but you know…is summer here, i’m getting very lazy :-)
Bonus link: The Institute for Parallel Studies: don’t ask me what is this about, just check the Misterious Imagery Gallery for your daily dose of preternatural bizarreness…


You know I think the world can be understood by means of merely three Woody Allen movies: Bananas, Everything you always wanted to know about sex, and Annie Hall. Yes: I had a favo video marathon going last night. Sue me.

Happy Imbeciles At War

Oh yes it is: This is not a war. Iraq will not be a war. Do we understand this? We do not seem to understand this. This is heavily corporatized power brokers killing each other for oil and capital. Oh yes it is.
(Thanks Slap for the link)

Broken Wrists Are for Assholes

To those who have been kind enough to wish me a quick recovery: why thank you! I cherish those 4 emails like I cherish my Gibson SG that was saved from the car wreck! And now for a link: Gibson, Gibso, Gibb. Question: Why did the lights all go out in Massachussets?

Is that a FAQ I see before me?

Updated FAQ at Snippet:
Q: Will the ZFT please please please release some more stuff?
A: Yes, yes, yes, yes.