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  1. Also three of my favorites of all time. If you are going to concentrate on this New Yawk-centric humor, you should also view Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”. That makes me think of “Willy Wonka”, which starts in New Yawk, I think, but ends in some stylized red-tile-roofed Euro village. Not much in commomn with the others, except for Gene (I’m from Milwaukee and I oughta know) Wilder, but it has some very basic messages about life, business, family (have you ever noticed all the women in this movie are either invalids or assholes? I’m not going there), love, blah, blah, blah…seriously, add “The Producers’ and “Willy Wonka” to your marathon, if you get the chance.

  2. Oh but I love “The Producers”. Springtime for Hitler! Zero Mostel! I’ll have to have a closer look at “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” though. The “women in this movie are either invalids or assholes” statement is intrigueing.
    Other favo Mel Brooks flicks: “Blazing Saddles” and “High Anxiety”, for what it’s worth. An extra point for those who can tell me what the name of the sheep is that Gene Wilder falls in love with.

  3. I lifted this review of WW from amazon.com:

    I hate this movie. Not because it’s scary for little kids, but because it’s just so awful. It’s bad enough that it’s a freakin’ musical, but why, oh why, did they have to cast Gene Wilder as the quintessential stranger-with-candy. I think it’s telling that he hires adults who look like children (Oompa-Loompas) to work in his “factory.”
    It has come to my attention that there are hardly any bad reviews of this movie, much to my dismay. Upon further inspection, I found that of those precious few who gave this movie a one-star review, most were concerned about the effect it would have on their kids (not surprising given that Willy Wonka has a penchant for undressing the child-actors with his eyes), and at least one guy loved the movie but mistakenly reversed the rating system (I am as baffled as you are). To clarify–because this is becoming an ever-increasing problem with reviewers–ONE STAR = BAD, FIVE STARS = GOOD. Also, I think too many people are equating tired and old with classic. The only way Willy Wankit and the Chocolate Factory is a classic, is that it’s a classic example of a bad film.

    Perhaps the notion of WW as pedophile makes it that much more intriguing. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the reviewer is from Bah-ah-ah-ston.

  4. I always loved Willy Wonka…! Not that it is a funny movie tho. I remember i was always wanting to see it again, it was in my list of “to see it again” (on the telly) as well as Casino Royale and The Time Machine :-). Can’t remember about the women tho, just the esthetic that was pretty much psychedelic/surrealistic and pop. The pedophile thing…what a ridiculous remark to do! The effect it would have on his kids? Here’s a person that has seen it when being a girl, lol! That review is a shit.
    I believe i haven’t ever seen The Producers…

  5. …well, yes, I did watch the movie; but I was only doing research for my autobiography. I have no further comment.

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