Could not connect to blablabla

A sincere thank you goes out to dreamhost for having made this page unavailable all yesterday, and for screwing up the forums today. Stay tuned as tomorrow, maybe the guestbook gets eaten! Or maybe the comments will give you an Internal Server Error! Never a dull moment at killuglyradio.
With a little patience things should get back to normal, bear with me…

4 thoughts on “Could not connect to blablabla”

  1. Yeah, I’m with you ian. I’ve written those fuckers an email to let them know just how I feel. I mean I switched to paid webhosting so I wouldn’t have this kind of shit to worry about. If it continues, I might as well go back to taking a free Geoshitties account! We’ll see what happens…

  2. Have we offended someone?

    I hope not. It will be a shame to lose this site to the pushers of pathetic pop-ups!

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