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One Hour Interview With Neil Young

Ol’ Neil seems to be in quite a talkative mood. Via Thrasher’s Wheat.

ICE-Z #3

It’s been a couple of weeks since La Grande Freak Out came to Paris. Les Fils de l’Invention who organised the event this year, have just published an “incomplete” transcript/draft of the various sessions that took place. Some interesting reading that you may download here (PDF, 852Kb).

I Am Three

Adam Irving, avid KUR reader and member of I Am Three needs your help:

In October me and my friend, performing under the name I Am Three are driving round Europe gigging. We intend to drop by Belgium, Netherlands, Holland, Germany, France and Italy. The tour isn’t for the purpose of making money its simply because we love music and playing in new places. […] after hundreds of emails to venues such as cafes/bars/clubs etc we only have the Italy gigs sorted. In all these cafe bar filled countries, NOBODY seems to want to invite a double bass & acoustic guitar duo loose on their stage, even for free.

They’re good though; just give their myspace page a listen. So: any European club-owning music lovers reading this willing to book them? Go on then!

Porno Soundtracks

What happens if you put three professional musicians in a recording studio and … have them watch porn movies?

While you probably begin imagining strange situations, these guys made it a creative venture. They created a new soundtrack to the 70ties adult movies they were watching – turning off the sound and just letting their instincts come up with vivid musical imaginations. And it worked.

Have a listen.

Yoav Live On Jools Holland

The guitarplaying on this is fantastic:

Youav Music dot com
More on Youav

Hat tip: Magic Fingers!

It’s Just, Um, Bad For, Uh The, Um Uh, Economy!

Homosexuality is bad, bad, bad, and here’s why:

Spotted at De Omnibus Disputandum.

The Tubes New Years Eve ’75 @ Winterland

Mike Cotton of The Tubes Project just sent me an email announcing that the Bill Graham archive has added The Tubes New Years Eve 1975 show:

This is the “Big Bang” for us as we sold out Winterland and put on the show of our lives. It was a wild mix of rock, comedy, video and dancing as we pulled out all the stops to celebrate the new year, 1976. This is a live mix, no overdubs, so the keyboard and synths are a little funky at the top but it still rocks.

Just sign up and listen for free:

One Shot Deal — Huh?

A friend finally lent me a copy of the latest ZFT release, One Shot Deal, for review the other day. Although it is always great to hear Frank Zappa, no matter what the excuse, my first reaction upon listening to this compilation was: Huh? What? Why? To any long time listener of FZ (right down to the rabid collector and completist), the tracks on this compilation will all seem quite familiar.

“Bathtub Man” sounds like many of the boogie/jams from the Roxy period (FZ was an obsessive recordist) which found their way onto the bootleg circuit via their road manager, Marty Perellis, who sold many 73-74 soundboard tapes to eager fans. The same can be said for “Space Boogers” and “Hermitage”. I kept getting this feeling that I’d heard these pieces before, or efforts quite like them, from the myriad of brilliant individual solos to be found on so many of FZ’s field recordings from that period of his career.

“Trudgin Across the Tundra” is an early instrumental proto version of the familiar FZ classic akin to the proto versions of Greggery Peccary found on the Wazoo release. “Occam’s Razor (On the Bus – Original Solo)” is one of this compilation’s gems, and the reason that freaks like me collect so many bootlegs and field recordings: to hear the original solos. I first heard “Heidelberg” (opening solo to Yo Mama) on the second disc of the four disc, fan made compilation bootleg, Apocrypha, and again on the cassette tape, The Guitar World According To Frank Zappa, though sounding far superior here.

“The Illinois Enema Bandit” is yet another version of this FZ standard. Probably the weakest point on this compilation is “Australian Yellow Snow”. I have heard better bootleg versions from this tour. The sound, itself, in this recording is really a substandard mix for what is supposed to be an official release. Too often the background vocals nearly drown out FZ’s lead vocals, and the audience chatter becomes very distracting. Perhaps the ZFT are attempting to dumb down our listening standards so they can begin selling us anything with a FZ stamp on it, no matter the quality? If there is one reason, though, for purchasing this CD, “Rollo” is that reason. Wow. I never tire of hearing that song.

Getting back to the premise of this post, though, what was the point of this release? There doesn’t appear to be any, at least none that I can fathom. There is little, if any, conceptual continuity going on. Instead of piecemeal compilations like this one, how about further sequels to the Stage series with complete liner notes? Or the Complete Audio History of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention? Like, Duh?

Uncle Carl

“Uncle Carl being Uncle Carl to the music of Stanley and Nick”
Stanley J. Zappa

Ron Rutherford — Lone Wolf (Debut Solo Album)

Just discovered this debut solo album by Texan, New Yorker, country rocker rebel Ron Rutherford on recently entitled, Lone Wolf (Rarestar Records, 2006). He’s a singer songwriter reminiscent of Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Whitley; and the music is somewhere between that of Loggins & Messina and Poco. Give the album a listen here. My favourite tracks were “Freak Flag” and “Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye”.