10 thoughts on “It’s Just, Um, Bad For, Uh The, Um Uh, Economy!”

  1. As an American, I’m actually really, REALLY ashamed to report that too many people in the US have these opinions, whether latent or as forthright as the ninnies in this video.

    My credo on this subject and the other big moral/hot air issue of abortion: “Against abortion and gay marriage? Then don’t get one and shut the fuck up.”

    And yes, I know homophobes who really think gays are like creatures from another planet intent on legalizing bestiality and pedophilia, and that, as one uneducated colleague said, “all they do is have sex with each other in big orgies.”

    Anyway, once more – I apologize on behalf of my country for its moralistic stance on issues that shouldn’t even BE issues. In fact, let me just go ahead and apologize for everything America represents.

  2. A bit similar here – the Gay Pride day was a few weeks ago – there was a “bit” of a fight. Something is in the air – a few years ago the far-right-ish guys were angry of course, but did not make such a fight…

  3. The folks in this video, Barry, are quite frankly, botched abortions. At the moment, I’m as straight as they come, but if that last man and woman in this video were the poster couple for heterosexuality, I would run to the nearest drug store and buy the largest jar of KY Jelly I could locate, hook up with some DJ named Freddie and spend all night long on his tower of power before giving him one fuck of a golden shower. Equal rights for gays! Ban Christian marriage!

  4. Poor folks are just mixed up. Solemn and religimous.

    They don’t know how many of their churchgoing friends are repressed gays. They just don’t know.

    We will conquer them with love.

  5. [quote post=”198″]Equal rights for gays! Ban Christian marriage![/quote]

    Brilliant idea!!!

  6. You can call me a member of one of those “confused” churches…
    Tho’ I fail to agree with their views, I do know several people who could debate the issue in a more erudite manner then these twits… In fact, I suspect that the second male was a Comedy Central plant – that kind of incoherence exists?
    Not at my church…

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