I Am Three

Adam Irving, avid KUR reader and member of I Am Three needs your help:

In October me and my friend, performing under the name I Am Three are driving round Europe gigging. We intend to drop by Belgium, Netherlands, Holland, Germany, France and Italy. The tour isn’t for the purpose of making money its simply because we love music and playing in new places. […] after hundreds of emails to venues such as cafes/bars/clubs etc we only have the Italy gigs sorted. In all these cafe bar filled countries, NOBODY seems to want to invite a double bass & acoustic guitar duo loose on their stage, even for free.

They’re good though; just give their myspace page a listen. So: any European club-owning music lovers reading this willing to book them? Go on then!

3 thoughts on “I Am Three”

  1. I think that these gentlemen should try to contact La Balle Au Bond for their gig in Paris. It is a boat that can welcome up to 220 people, it is located in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral on the Seine river.
    URL: http://www.laballeaubond.fr/

  2. I don’t know what the arts/entertainment scene is like in Europe, but if it’s anything like it is in North America — every city has it’s own arts and entertainment paper (with web counterpart). Couldn’t these two gentlemen simply book as they go? Or appear on the myriad of open stages that no doubt occur on a nightly, or weekly basis? Perhaps they just need to cast their net a wee bit wider…

  3. You ought to come here. The college town I’m in (in Indiana, of all places) is actually very musician friendly.

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