Zappa & Beefheart – The Torture Never Stops (Bongo Fury Tour 1975)

In his 1975 Bongo Fury Tour with Frank Zappa‘s band, Captain Beefheart delivers his blues-infused vocals in what I feel is the quintessential version of “The Torture Never Stops” (part one, above; part two, below). I’ve heard other vocalists sing this song, but besides the Zappa sung version, only Don Van Vliet ever truly made this song his own. I’ve always wondered why this version wasn’t released on ‘Bongo Fury‘ and then released so late (almost like an afterthought) on ‘You Can Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 4‘ and ‘Cheap Thrills‘?
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Woke Up This Mornin’

… shower, brush teeth, tralala. Next:

  • Check snailmailbox:
    • Library reminder I’m late in returning that Stevie Ray Vaughn CD
    • Speeding ticket amounting to €175
    • Click my Google Ads please, thank you
    • Ooooh: Barfko Swill package has arrived!
  • At work:
    • Enter office, hear distinct dripping sounds
    • OMG!11! LOLZ roof is leaking from last night’s rainfall
    • Mop floor, place buckets in strategic places
    • Call janitor
    • “please leave a message after the beep”
  • Back home:
    • Put on “One Shot Deal”
    • Feel slightly underwhelmed.
    • Hey “Occam’s Razor”‘s great though! Aaaah… Rollo.
    • Where the hell did I put that bloody Stevie Ray Vaughn CD?
    • I give up.
    • Add One Shot Deal and TTNS DVD to the FZ discography
    • What’s for dinner, honey?
    • Mmmmh fajitas!
  • Mmmmh fajitas
  • Where the hell did I put that bloody Stevie Ray Vaughn CD?
  • I give up.
  • Nighty night!
  • Mmmmh fajitas
  • Where the hell did I put that bloody Stevie Ray Vaughn CD?

Joe’s M’ssage

Joe Travers’ letter, on the audio-tracks of the new DVD – found on the Usenet group

I’m sorry Mark, but it’s Dolby Digital. We originally were going to with PCM audio but we decided that we would go Dolby since we did not treat the audio in any way, nor remix. We went for picture quality instead. But when we switched the audio, the print work had already been completed.
That’s the story. We are planning on a special edition-type release with (hopefully) the full shows & all remixed in surround. The Nina Blackwood stuff should be on that.

Enjoy & thanks!!!


New Live FZ DVD: The Torture Never Stops

Well, apparently today is Zappa-news day. A new DVD, hot off the press at Barfko Swill: FZ: The Torture Never Stops. As per the blurb:

  • $21.98
  • Halloween, New York City, 1981 – Live at The Palladium
  • edited, performed & music composed & conducted by FZ
  • with Ray White, Steve Vai, Bobby Martin, Tommy Mars,Ed Mann, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman
  • 2 hours with xtras – ratta tat too!
  • DVD 9 Dual Layer, NTSC, American English, Dolby Digital 2.0

This appears to be a fully captured version of the Halloween ’81 show, perhaps most famous for this rendition of “Stevie’s Spanking”, as previously featured in the Dub Room Special DVD. (See Also)

Visuals? Yup:

The Torture Never Stops DVD

Have to admit I for one didn’t see that one coming. Whatever happened to frost on pumpkins and such?