The Empire Strikes Back

I’ve had to put the tracks for the latest offering (Paris, 17/9/84) offline. Why? Because a disgruntled idiot by the name of Isaac Baranoff (email), aka ThingFish24, keeper of The First Amendment, and overall Genius, decided it would be fun to hotlink directly to all of the tracks on the forums, where he added: “Download it now before Adolf “Barry” Hitler’s bandwith is all used up!”. As of today, I’ve made it impossible to hotlink .mp3’s hosted here, but of course by now the damage is done. At 28GB, with a 30GB monthly limit, I can’t but put the tracks offline. Just one thing. There is one person running this website. There is one person paying the bills. That person would be me. If I’m not satisfied by the quality of posts made by someone I myself allowed to post here at HP in the first place, then it is my friggin’ right to kick that person right out again as I please, which was the case with Isaac. If for a couple of weeks, you can’t download anything, you have him to thank for it. Let’s all say: Thank you Isaac!

Say Hi to Uncle Beat

People regularly email me saying they only *just* missed downloading this or that boot. When possible I try to help out by re-uploading the tracks they’re lacking. For now unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that. If you’re missing parts of a past boot offering, your best shot is probably to post a request in the Uncle Beat forum (and risk having your butt kicked! ;-)

Actually: how’s bout if

Actually: how’s bout if I explain a bit what it is I’m trying to achieve here? But of course.
News-sections in sites are a proverbial bitch to maintain. You find an interesting link, you hear this or that, and you figure: I’ll add this to the news-section once I got enough stuff to fill it up with. And by the time you actually get to put it on the page – opening the page in the html-editor of your choice, looking up the link, spending hours to retrieve it, working it inthere, uploading the page – the friggin news is doggone outdated.
That’s why I have a thing for this blogger thingie. It’s a nifty tuf ‘n bitchin piece of technology that allows me to post stuff here whenever I feel like it. In fact, I’m using this format in a way that most “blogs” don’t. Most of them use it in order to have the world be up to date with their excruciatingly dismal lives (for lack of a better topic). There are however some really enjoyable personal blogs. My personal favorite is Zeldman Presents. This is his motto on the ALA-site: “The Independent Content Producer Refuses To Die”! I rest my case…
So there ya have it. This is, in effect, Phase One of HotPoop. Its progression shall be in bits and pieces with a couple of other people joining in to contribute possibly.
That is all. Don’ forget to visit our good friends at The Big Note!