The Empire Strikes Back

I’ve had to put the tracks for the latest offering (Paris, 17/9/84) offline. Why? Because a disgruntled idiot by the name of Isaac Baranoff (email), aka ThingFish24, keeper of The First Amendment, and overall Genius, decided it would be fun to hotlink directly to all of the tracks on the forums, where he added: “Download it now before Adolf “Barry” Hitler’s bandwith is all used up!”. As of today, I’ve made it impossible to hotlink .mp3’s hosted here, but of course by now the damage is done. At 28GB, with a 30GB monthly limit, I can’t but put the tracks offline. Just one thing. There is one person running this website. There is one person paying the bills. That person would be me. If I’m not satisfied by the quality of posts made by someone I myself allowed to post here at HP in the first place, then it is my friggin’ right to kick that person right out again as I please, which was the case with Isaac. If for a couple of weeks, you can’t download anything, you have him to thank for it. Let’s all say: Thank you Isaac!

12 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back”

  1. Isaac’s Such An Asshole….I want to add my personal thanks for all the great downloads. My dream is to be as great a fan as you are, and my nightmare is that assholes like isaac think they’re fans. Fan really doesn’t mean fanatic (at least not in the religious sense) anymore. Thanx again for sharing the music!

  2. Alright, there’s a green Chevy, license number 650 Isaac in Barry’s lot. Gotta move it. I repeat, there is a green Chevy, license number 650 Isaac in Barry’s lot.
    Well, it has benn removed, but it keeps coming back, and has asked all the other chevies to come along and trash the lot, and thats ******* annoying! But what can ya do? Well I’ll try to be a decent driver, and not start to drive 150mph and ruin everything, just because someone asks me to park my car in the booth.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for all the friday boots over the months. And as for the asshole Issac, I think Zappa’s ‘humble curse’ is appropriate: Dear Issac: may your shit come to life and kiss you.

  4. jesus this guy is a prick. not that i am worried about the boots, but the presence of a troll on your site is nothing but a pain. time to start banning IPs i think.

  5. Have only been a visitor to the site for a month or two now, and have really enjoyed the Friday Boot. It’s a real shame that it’s had to be closed for a while. Don’t suppose anybody got “Let’s Move To Cleveland” did they? My download reached 94% before the file was pulled from the site. Sorry if this message is in the wrong place, but like I said, I am new to the site and am really sorry that one person can spoil something for so many. Keep up the good work with the rest of the site Barry.

  6. I’m very sorry to hear about this.. but what the hell, he can’t live without you man, this only means that he *needs* you and wants to be as you are.

    – few people can shine with their own light,
    – some fight to be a mirror of the first,
    – but most of the people, those who can’t shine in any way, just want to fuck the rest up.

    poor isaac, looks like a bitch without a pimp

    sorry for the bad language, but bad behaviour can only be described with “the poetry of bad the words”.

  7. as soon as i get my credit card, i’m gonna send you some dough through paypal, mate!
    I am not downloading many of the boots you put online, but I know what an enormous amount of work is involved in keeping such website as yours alive and breathing.
    and i follow the principle of: the work should never exceed the fun. and if it does, it can still be ok if you don’t ruin yourself financially.
    it will be april before i can send you some, but don’t despair…

  8. Much appreciated whatchamacallit (and the same goes for a couple of other people who have donated in recent days, you know who you are) – I shall hold off the despair for a while then. ;-)

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