Actually: how’s bout if

Actually: how’s bout if I explain a bit what it is I’m trying to achieve here? But of course.
News-sections in sites are a proverbial bitch to maintain. You find an interesting link, you hear this or that, and you figure: I’ll add this to the news-section once I got enough stuff to fill it up with. And by the time you actually get to put it on the page – opening the page in the html-editor of your choice, looking up the link, spending hours to retrieve it, working it inthere, uploading the page – the friggin news is doggone outdated.
That’s why I have a thing for this blogger thingie. It’s a nifty tuf ‘n bitchin piece of technology that allows me to post stuff here whenever I feel like it. In fact, I’m using this format in a way that most “blogs” don’t. Most of them use it in order to have the world be up to date with their excruciatingly dismal lives (for lack of a better topic). There are however some really enjoyable personal blogs. My personal favorite is Zeldman Presents. This is his motto on the ALA-site: “The Independent Content Producer Refuses To Die”! I rest my case…
So there ya have it. This is, in effect, Phase One of HotPoop. Its progression shall be in bits and pieces with a couple of other people joining in to contribute possibly.
That is all. Don’ forget to visit our good friends at The Big Note!