Zappateers Festival

Fellow Zappateer Bengt Nilsson writes in:

Hi dear Zappafellows (or Zäppi perhaps),
We the Zappateers would like to invite all of you to our mini-festival in Nijmegen Holland on March 14-15. It’s an indoor event, rather a party than a festival with hopefully some 120 attendant plus the bands.

I’m loving the promotional poster by the way — click for full view:

Zappateer Festival

4 thoughts on “Zappateers Festival”

  1. OMG. Vermeer and Zappa, two of my very few real heroes.
    Must find money and excuse without suspicious wife suspecting…

  2. Friday
    1800 Blurp
    1930 Foolz
    2130 Studio Tan

    1200 Muzquitos
    1400 Cucurillo Brillo Brullo
    1630 Monty and The Butchers
    1900 Wrong Object
    2130 Uncle Meat

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