Lukewarm Poop From November 24th

11 thoughts on “Lukewarm Poop From November 24th”

  1. Any group whose official statement contains the phrase “We think Lou Dobbs is right” three sentences in, clearly deserves a slot in the next Special Olimpics ( discipline(s) of their choice, of course). And a warning against breeding among close blood relatives.

  2. Lou Dobbs deserves his own special games: Let’s call it what it is: First journalist to ram his nose up some politician’s poop shoot: Wins.

  3. jane23 Says:
    November 25th, 2007 at 2:22 am

    let’s make the water turn black clip sort of sounds like the mothers
    but i don’t think it is them.

    It’s not the Mothers, though whomever put this video together used various samples of the Mothers in an attempt to pass off this parody as a “rare outtake.” Barry, it seems that some folk think we freaks at KUR are easily duped…

  4. Faux bootlegs never bode well for me, be they FZ or The Beatles…

    Also – am I crazy, or did the Zappa site go down? If so, then my life is invariably over. That thing was my Bible.

  5. It would most definitely be a very sad day. Information Is Not Knowledge is probably the best repository of Zappa discography info on the net.

  6. COME ON!

    This version of Let’s Make The Water Turn Black was not recorded by Frank Zappa.
    I’d bet a testicle on it.

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