14 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment In The Workplace”

  1. Depends on your definition of BUTT, don’t it scott? I’ve found even among the cheeziest of Zappa field recordings, there are gems to be plucked (so don’t be too quick to turn off that ear-shattering recording). Too bad this ain’t the early show with guest singer Lisa Popeil singing “Teenage Prostitute.” Maybe later.

  2. I saw Lisa Popeil with FZ at the Santa Monica Civic that year.
    She was wearing some kind of leather teddy or something.


  3. Hi urbangraffito,
    I think the show with Lisa was on the 11th december 1981 and maybe you must not wait too long for it :-)
    By the way: she was on stage at both shows that day.
    Please Scott – what is BUTT? I don´t know the meaning of this word.

  4. I didn´t want to start a discussion about the quality of the recordings BUT :-) they are all documents even if their sound is not so good as you may want it. I´m happy with everything I can (nearly) hear from Frank´s gigs he ever played.
    So let´s drink some beer and hear Frank Zappa…

  5. timmo Says:
    November 22nd, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    Swans, What Swans? from Guitar is part of Pound For A Brown here too.

    Thanks, timmo. Great ear.

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