Sound Theories

Sound Theories

Yes, yes. The amazing new double album is out now. Order the limited edition digipak for your chance to win a Sound Theories Tour Aftershow Pass!

But read the small print first:

2500 red satin passes SOUND THEORIES AFTERSHOW PASSES were randomly inserted into our limited edition 10,000 Sound Theories Vol. I & II digipaks – sold only through the Online Store. Please read the following information about the Sound Theories Aftershow Passes carefully:

a.. The Aftershow pass is for ONE person to attend ONE aftershow meet and greet at any Sound Theories concert in the USA, Canada and South America. The pass does not allow you to bring a guest or guests.
b.. Passes remain the property of Light Without Heat/Euphoria Inc. and can be revoked at any time.
c.. Passes cannot be resold on sites such as Ebay. Passes sold on Ebay will become void and purchaser will be denied entry into the aftershow.
d.. Passes cannot be re-used.
e.. The aftershow pass is NOT a backstage pass, and does not allow you any special privileges, backstage or dressing room access, or pre-show soundcheck access. It will ONLY allow you into the aftershow meet and greet at the end of the concert.
f.. The Sound Theories aftershow pass is NOT and EVO Premium Experience pass. Please do not come to the show early and use it to try to get into the EVO Experience. You will be turned away.
g.. After the concert, you will need to come to the front of the stage and show your pass to security. You will then be taken to where the aftershow will take place. Your pass will need to be stamped or dates by a member of our touring crew. DO NOT stick the pass to your clothing before we have written on it.
h.. We reserve the right to cancel or cut short the aftershow meet and greet at any time in the event that Steve is unwell, or due to venue curfew. In the even that the aftershow is cancelled, you will be able to use the passes at a different show on the Sound Theories Tour.
i.. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

Remember when it was all just about the music?

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8 thoughts on “Sound Theories”

  1. I wonder, will they also pay for your tickets to that other concert? Or am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me, quick…

  2. The combination of artists, lawyers, unions and insurance companies means DEATH to any possibility of anything good.

  3. scott Says:
    October 4th, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    The combination of artists, lawyers, unions and insurance companies means DEATH to any possibility of anything good.

    True. It seems the last person being thought of here is the listener. Just a means to an end: how to get those consumer dollars into their greedy corporate hands. Shouldn’t the music sell itself, as it always has, without gimmickry?

  4. I don’t give a shit about this album (I listened to it) and other recent Vai stuff. Overblown and too polished. The arrangements sound like coming from a random-push-the-button-automatic-orchestration-software (you can do this with Coda Finale). No human factor. Machine music played by robots. Too many notes – less ideas.

    The bits that are obviously stolen from FZ’s Orchestral Favourites period only reminded me to put that one on again instead.


  5. Having heard a healthy dose of Vai, I must concur: he seems to’ve had his Eyebrows subjected to digital electrolysis. He urges guitarists to play it until every note is PERFECT … but his own output is a display of the perils of hyper-cleansed guitar. Personally, I’d love to see him do a cover album – but only if someone ELSE picks the songs. Do NOT watch his videos if you seek novelty. The poot-faces are sadly now far past ironic & do nothing to warm the Mach 5 cadenza-thon that HAS to form the nucleus of every last thing he does. Proficiency doesn’t redeem predictability. Listening to something that manic shouldn’t bore me.

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