21 thoughts on “Chad ‘n Terry Whip It Out”

  1. wackerman is a fantastic drummer, but bozzio fucking rules when it comes to this polyrhythmic orchestral drumset shit.

    his setup, his concepts, and his execution are superior to wackerman’s in every respect.

    but the best drum duel on youtube is the one between steve gadd, vinnie colaiuta, and dave weckl. vinnie rules that one.


    zappa had the best taste in drummers. bozzio and colaiuta are both his discoveries.

  2. zzzz…. zzzzz…. zzzzz…. zzzzz…. must file this in the snorah jones music…. lame… going back to sleep now….


    oh, wait – did i say ‘fucking hee-larious’?

    i meant to say ‘fucking ree-tarded’. sorry.

    go back to sleep and stay there, douchebag.

  4. Yep, Terry-Ted has the judges’ decision, based on his superior spoo-blaster-face technique … well, I ain’t REALLY queer, but …

  5. don’t worry, jim – if bozzio can bring out the queer in john smothers, he can bring out the queer in anyone.

  6. Amazing display of skill and talent,
    but I don’t find drum music very stimulating,
    generally. This is no exception.

  7. I find some drum & percussion only music very stimulating… but not this drivel… please!! don’t press play!! oh no!! zzzzz…. zzzz…… zzzzz…..

  8. Does it happen to be allowed to add one comment?

    Music for percussion ( only).

    – Just have a look at contemporary classical music: they’re doing it since 60 years. Varèse was one of the masters.
    – In jazz : honour to Max Roach ( he recently passed away). M’ Boom Re.

  9. there’s no accounting for personal taste, but when you have to put music into little compartmentalized ghettos according to instrumental groupings, YOU LOSE.

    i believe varese considered his ‘ionisation’ a piece of music – NOT ‘drum music’. and bozzio tunes his toms diatonically, which enables him to play melodically.

    if you can’t hear that shit when he takes his solos over wackerman’s grooves, YOU LOSE.

  10. I think FZ could have had some fun composing a duet for these two. He would have used some more adventurous time signatures and taken full advantage of Terry’s ‘melodic’ capabilities. if only…

  11. “i believe varese considered his ‘ionisation’ a piece of music – NOT ‘drum music’. ”

    Does Ionisation use ONLY drums as instruments?
    I hear sirens, too. Listen more closely.

    Also, an important thing to consider is that when someone uses the word GENERALLY, that word means IN MOST CASES or USUALLY.
    So if a person reads my post about Bozzio/Wackerman and concludes that Scott hates all drum music, they LOSE.
    Read more closely.

  12. scott – from the tone of most of your posts, i believe you are slightly unhinged and quite the narcissist (usually)…which i think is a hoot. beyond that, i (generally) make no conclusions as to who or what you are and how you feel about anything.

    but i did make use of your phrase ‘drum music’, because it brought to mind a common attitude and specific misconception (in most cases) regarding percussion-based music, as if it were seperate from the world of music.

    sorry dude.

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