Six Years Of Hot Poop

Six years ago, I started this blog with the following immortal words:

Is this phase one of: we’re only in it for the blogging?

Well: we’re still around, and the main reason for that is you, dear reader. Your involvement and comments are what keeps us going. Here’s to another six!

23 thoughts on “Six Years Of Hot Poop”

  1. Hi Barry, yesterday i’ve been to the Steely Dan Concert, it was perfect, i’ve got a place in the middle of the first line.

  2. Happy B-day to KUR & Hot Poop…
    I believe I have archival footage of the insemination and gestation around here somewhere.

  3. All the best to the KUR :)
    Interesting site? Home page for every Zappa fan!
    Simply the best!

    P.S. I don’t know why, but many zappa sites are bad designed.
    In the opposite, KUR is OK (Content and Design, too)

  4. Thanks for all the hard work, good info, wonderful tangential paths, and discussions here! I come here every day. Cheers, lads!

  5. How interesting! You began this labor of love/flash of fandom/isle of inspiration/zenith of zappa on my 50th birthday!!! Congrats to you and me, and the French (it is Bastille Day, or at least it was yesterday, not that anybody gives a fiddler’s fuck about the French)!!!

  6. Ok, you’ll get a present for that.

    In the attack ( smowhere) I have a collection of FZ obituaries. Published in newspapers all over the world, the day after he died.


  7. I was away for a couple of days so I missed the actual BIG DAY, but I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to say congratulations, and thanks for all the interesting stuff over the years. You can be sure I’ll keep coming back as long as there is a KUR to visit.

  8. Congrats. I heart KUR and the Hot Poop page thereof. It’s such a good blog that I actually would check it even if I wasn’t a rabid Zappa fan (although it helps). Felicitaciónes y saludos Barry and Dr Sharl!

  9. Hail to you, bringer of daily delight!!

    I hope you will finc the time to keep up this wonderful work after the two of you become the three of you.

  10. Most certainly one of the most helpful Zappa pages I’ve had a pleasure of visiting. It helped me get into his music! =)

  11. Cheers, Barry & Dr.Sharl !!
    Happy Anniversary to one of the greatest blogs around.

    Keep up the good work …

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