The Voice Of Cheese: Adam Irving

VOC #24 comes to us from Adam Irving. Adam says:

The name is Adam Irving, been a musician (currently gigging and recording as half of Me&jay) and writer for ten years or so. Name of track is ‘Hocket’. Its a solo piece with me on all instruments (tiny cheap keyboard massively processed and a guitar) the object of the piece, if any, is to work towards a piece without chords, time signature or melody, but that somehow stays together.

Have a listen:


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2 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Adam Irving”

  1. Good noisy fun … but too short … & if ya hear ME giving props to anyone using KEYBOARDS, it ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie Cups. I’m rather synth-ophobic.

  2. Far too short. At 2:15 I got a desperate “oh no, it’s almost over” crisis. This is brilliant. A very dense feeling. The different layers never exactly fit together, but I really wanted the song to continue so I can keep trying to figure it out.

    Great work. Stunning!!!

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