The Inauguration Of Frank-Zappa-Strasse

For those of you who are a bit bummed out by the fact that Napoleon Murphy Brock won’t be playing any of the ZPZ shows, here’s some good news (if you can make it to Berlin). From a press release I received:

Frank Zappa band alumnus Napoleon Murphy Brock will perform at the dedication of Frank-Zappa-Strasse in Berlin on July 28, appearing with German Zappa tribute band Sheik Yerbouti. They will join 17 other musical acts paying tribute to the rock and roll legend. The dedication ceremony will take place at the ORWOhaus, a former photographic film plant that is now home to a musicians’ collective. It will be the first street in Germany named for a rock musician, and the first street in a world capital named for Frank Zappa.

Nappy will also appear at this year’s Zappanale:

Thomas Dippel, president of Arf-Society, said, “Napoleon Murphy Brock joining us is just one more reason why the Zappanale will be the world’s premiere Zappa experience this summer. Fans will be able to see four Zappa alumni who have their own musical ventures and also choose to honor Frank’s legacy with their presence.” This year’s festival headliner is renowned former Zappa drummer Chad Wackerman. Former Mother of Invention Don Preston will appear with his Akashic Ensemble, and long-time Zappa front-man Ike Willis will perform with his protégés Project/Object.

9 thoughts on “The Inauguration Of Frank-Zappa-Strasse”

  1. I never understood the fetish of having a street named after someone, after all some people will walk their dogs on it without cleaning up after them … if you step in it and tell someone about it, most likely it will be associated with the name of the street.

    I remember that the Frankster had an issue with musicians doing dope because his name will be mentioned in the papers if they get in trouble. Sheik Yerbouti !!!

  2. I remember György Ligeti saying once that because he is not certain in the value of his works (or something like this), if someone’s ever gonna name a street after him, that should be a dead end. :-)

  3. Right, Balint.

    I sincerely hope that FR and Ligeti will end up having exactly the same number of streets being named FZ street or GL street.

    For instance did FZ ever ask for a star ( astriode) to be named FZ? No.
    It’s not about artists asking local councils to name or rename streets. It’s a question of those involved in these local or other instances to have that name mentioned. And that’s very good. It might lead people, knowing that street, asking themselves: who was that? My love of the common people tells me that this is as important as being mentioned in history books.

  4. At least it shows more imagination than your average American town where it’s just Fourth Street or Second Avenue and so forth!

  5. Shall we all meet on the corner of “Approximate” and “I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth” and form some sort of consensus?

  6. Anything that reminds people of FZ is a positive move. I doubt anywhere in England would have something named after him, as we’re too Politically Correct.

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