9 thoughts on “ZPZ DVD Trailer!”

  1. Quote Dweezil: “It’s a nice bonus for the fans to have the chance to see musicians who’ve had previous experience in Frank’s band playing his music once again. By no means should their presence on stage be over-emphasized. The mission of everyone on the stage is to present the Music!”
    Yes, but Punky´s Whips and The Black Page just wont be the same without Bozzio since they were so obviously written for the man! The same goes with Stevie’s Spanking. Says I!

  2. Hmm…Y’know, all this time reading about the ZPZ tour’n stuff I’ve been pretty “eh.” about the whole thing, but seeing that trailer kinda makes me hope they come down around this area. I’d love to see a Flo’n Eddie reunion! Billy the Mountain, please!

  3. – Billy the Mountain? – no, thanks. And to continue the blacklist:
    – Greggary Peccary? – happy to see a show w/o that one, too.

  4. I would love to hear Greggary Peccary live.

    However, I think there’s more chance of the Frank running on stage to do a Michael Jackson style dance then Greggary being played.

  5. I would absolutely LOVE to see Flo & Eddie a part of this! I know all you Euros hate them, probably because there are too many Americanisms and obscure references in the songs they did, but I really dug the Vaudeville band. Yes! Billy The Mountain! The Groupie Routine updated! Magic Fingers! How about Aynsley Dunbar making an appearance? Yes, I know the 1988 and 1973-1974 bands can’t be touched, but lighten up, huh? Hee hee.

  6. danny,

    trust me, i do get the Americanisms etc. that F&E used on stage even though i am a “Euro”. But once you actually *had* your first sex act in life, the groupie stuff simply bores you to death.

  7. OK OK I get it! Yes, some of the routines today seem a little juvenile considering they were written by a 30 year old man! I was actually being a little tongue-in-cheek there, as an American, you see….I do like those albums, though. There’s no way F&E could reproduce that kind of frenetic delivery nowadays.

  8. I will definitely be attending a European show but that DVD trailer (have seen half of it, very slow to load) doesn’t exactly fill me with anticipation…seems to completely lack the pungency of FZ’s bands. Crossing my fingers for the latter part of the trailer, expect they will whip out some Stevie Vai..

  9. What kind of Zappa fan would blacklist grand epics like “Billy the Mountain” and “The Adventures of Greggary Peccary”? Besides being fine satire and excellent social commentary and great examples of Zappa’s conceptual continuity –they are both essential Zappa musically, at least in my opinion. If I had the chance to see these songs performed live, and performed by Flo & Eddie, I’d be first in line, regardless the cost!

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