The Voice Of Cheese: Giant Albino Penguin

With a bandname like Giant Albino Penguin, what can go wrong, I ask! The track he sent in is called “Watch The Magic Pumpkin”. Sean says:

At the time, my guitar had no strings, so all the stuff that sounds like guitar (except the horrible wibbly noises at the start – a background to another song, xenowhatsit in action) is actually a bass. Vocals performed by one of those little gizmo’s that speak what you type into it and made sinister by messing about with it.
The name of the band (well, it’s just me but you see what I mean) is taken from ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ by H.P Lovecraft, and the song title is a line from the film ‘Halloween 3’.

When I told Dr Sharleena this one sort of reminded me of Marilyn Manson, she said the track made her think of Kraftwerk.
Yourself? Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

3 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: Giant Albino Penguin”

  1. Elementary, my dear Whiffenpoof – – – this is my fave so far, & NOT just for the rockin’ name. But then I have a big soft spot in the head for thumpy industrial things; for an old-school tool like moi Skinny Puppy & FLA came to mind, but heyyy … that’s truly the sparkle of Doing Your Own Thing shining through.

    Golly, I am so gonna put serious hurts on some ears in the wake of all these sweet sweet musishnins … & to think, it’s still not illegal!

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