5 thoughts on “Seattle ’80”

  1. Really good show (especially for the first of the tour). “Easy Meat”, “If Only She Woulda”, “Black Napkins”, and “Watermelon In Easter Hay” are definite highlights. One can only hope that during the Buffalo ’80 show that the obvious improvisational skills of each of the band members are allowed to show themselves more fully (i.e. Tommy Mars in “Jumbo Go Away” and “If Only She Woulda”).

  2. Very nice!
    Though not the same band as on Buffalo, this one will definitely keep me smiling until that 2d set hits my mail box

  3. Call me crazy, but I like Logeman’s drumming. This Seattle show is amazing! Frank’s vocals are strong and soulful. Jumbo Go Away might be my fave…really looking forward to “Buffalo”…Vai and Vinnie aren’t on this show…Will Keep It Greasy sound as good as this version??? hmmm???

  4. The only problem with Logeman is that he has a little trouble keeping time. There are a few examples you can point to, but, for instance, ‘Watermelon’: the intro is shaky, time-wise, and at the end he is really slowing down. Too bad, because his ideas and timbres are cool.

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