The Voice Of Cheese: HairFarmer

It’s time for VOC #8! This one comes to us from KUR-reader HairFarmer whose contribution is entitled “Shiva Up My Spine”. HairFarmer says:

This piece was composed in 2000/2001. It’s built on a tabla rhythm, lifted wholesale (& then flanged to death) from “To See All” by Ross Rice. The Sitar was live recorded & tweaked but virtually everything else is sample based, (bought, found and/or personally lifted or recorded). Argh.

Dim the lights, put on some incense sticks, and have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

3 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: HairFarmer”

  1. Interesting juxtaposition of sounds and tones; nice indeed.
    But as an avowed punster, I HAVE to give mad props for the title – Brilliant!

  2. We are . . . actually the same note, but . . But different octave
    Right. We are 4,928 octaves below the big note
    Are ya . . . are you trying to tell me that . . . that this whole universe revolves around one note?
    No, it doesn’t revolve around it; that’s what it is. It’s one note
    Everybody knows that lights are notes. Light, light, is just a vibration of the note, too. Everything is.
    That one note makes everything else so insignificant
    What about negative light?
    Pigs use it for a tambourine, which is one of the reasons why their music is so hard to understand

  3. -snif- -snif-
    Is that Musk?

    Mmmmmmmmmm . . .

    the title is, in fact, a play on the fact that (Hindu religion being virtually non-present in the US South) most people around here pronounce the name with a short “i” sounding more like “shiver” -“r”.

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