Apostrophe + OverNite Sensation: Making Of (DVD)

Having been aired on (Swedish? Norwegian) TV previously, this Classic Albums episode is shaping up to be a very cool DVD release:

As ever the programme uses interviews, musical demonstrations, rare archive and home movie footage plus live performances to tell the story behind the conception and recording of these groundbreaking albums

DVD extras (not included in the original broadcast):

Full live performances of Montana from the Roxy in 1973 and I’m The Slime from Saturday Night Live in 1976. New full live performance of Camarillo Brillo by Zappa Plays Zappa done specially for this DVD.

7 thoughts on “Apostrophe + OverNite Sensation: Making Of (DVD)”

  1. Very interesting choices for performances. Dont get me wrong, those two are valuable performances and probably are actually quite harder to get (Roxy footage for fucksake) but wouldnt the Sweden 73 show be much more appropriate? (the one featured on Piquante and includes a full 45 technocolor minutes of Frank in glorious brown plaid!)

  2. I dunno, call me hard to please, but I saw Montana from the Roxy at the ZPZ show. So, eh.
    And I don’t really care to see ZPZ on an “official” FZ release.
    They can do their own DVD if they so choose.

    That being said,
    the DVD itself will be cool.


  3. I wonder if Frank would have allowed this on his records. It’s called “the
    making of”, but if there is only the perfomance from Sweden 73 – there
    is no “Making of”. How would it be, if they would put all the interviews from 73 and 74 on this DVD, then it would be better, because all the younger guys can get a picture of the 73 and 74 time and circumstances.
    We wan’t roxy, why is there only one track on it? If they can do it for one track, they also can do it for the hole concert. WE WANT ROXY!

  4. If there’s going to be an official release of the Swedish TV broadcast – the complete thing with “RDNZL”, “Cosmik Debris” etc as well as “Dupree” and “FOB” – a lot of people will be very happy

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